Aptos ($APT)

BitMEX Co-Founder Arthur Hayes Predicts Little-Known Altcoin Will Overtake Solana ($SOL)

The co-founder of popular cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, has set the cryptocurrency community abuzz with his prediction that Aptos ($APT) will overtake Solana ($SOL) as the second-most prominent Layer 1 (L1) blockchain, behind only Ethereum, within the next two to three years. Hayes, known for his sharp market insights, offered this glimpse […]

Binance Explains Why Aptos ($APT) ‘Has Been Outperforming in the Last Couple of Weeks’

On Wednesday (25 January 2023), the research arm of Binance (the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume) explained why in the past 2-3 weeks $APT (up 424% so far in 2023), the native utility and governance token of Web3-focused layer one (L1) blockchain Aptos has been doing so well. The Aptos blockchain is being […]

Aptos ‘Has the Tech’ To ‘Scale To Support Billions of Users and Every Use Case’, Says Coin Bureau

The host of the popular crypto market commentary show Coin Bureau says Aptos ($APT) “wants to scale to support billions of users and every use case you can think of”, and it “actually has the tech to do it.” On 12 October 2022, the mainnet for Web3-focused layer one (L1) blockchain Aptos went live: The […]

$APT: What Is Aptos and How Is Crypto Community Reacting to Its Mainnet Launch

On October 17 the mainnet for a new Web3-focused layer one (L1) blockchain named Aptos ($APT) went live, and the crypto community is buzzing with excitement. The Aptos blockchain is being developed by a startup named Aptos Labs, which was founded by Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching. In its white paper, Aptos is described as […]

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