On July 5, prominent crypto analyst and macroeconomist Alex Krüger posted a detailed thread on the social media platform X, reflecting on recent market movements and his personal experiences trading Bitcoin.

Krüger’s Trading Reflections

Krüger started by acknowledging that his recent trades were not successful. He noted that his analysis of macroeconomic trends and equities had been accurate, which made him complacent while the correlation between Bitcoin and macroeconomic indicators was breaking down. He congratulated those who profited from shorting Bitcoin, indicating his trades went against the market direction.

Market Movements and Influences

Krüger believes that the recent decline in Bitcoin prices was largely driven by specific market events, particularly involving Germany and the infamous Mt. Gox exchange. He explained that the expectation of large Bitcoin sales from these sources contributed to the market downturn. The Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Trustee’s announcement of repayments to some creditors through cryptocurrency exchanges added to this selling pressure. Krüger pointed out that a significant market move occurred just minutes after Mt. Gox moved 47.2K BTC, worth $2.7 billion at the time, which coincided with Bitcoin dropping from $58,000 to $53,000.

Future Outlook and Key Factors

Despite the current selling pressure, Krüger remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s outlook for the year. He cited several reasons for his positive outlook:

  1. Soft Landing: Krüger is confident in a stable economic environment rather than a severe recession.
  2. Federal Reserve’s Cutting Cycle: He anticipates that the Federal Reserve will begin cutting interest rates, which could be bullish for Bitcoin.
  3. Crypto-Macro Correlation Resurfacing: As the selling pressure from Germany and Mt. Gox diminishes, Krüger expects the correlation between macroeconomic trends and Bitcoin to strengthen again.
  4. Trump’s Victory: He believes that a win for Donald Trump in the upcoming U.S. presidential election would bring a more favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies.
  5. FTX Creditors Inflows: The beginning of repayments to FTX creditors in Q4 could provide additional market liquidity.

Potential Risks

Krüger also acknowledged the risks to his optimistic outlook:

  • Hard Landing: A severe economic downturn would negatively impact Bitcoin.
  • Massive Bitcoin Sales by Mt. Gox Creditors: If many creditors decide to sell their Bitcoin, it could drive prices down.
  • Democrat Victory: Krüger suggests that a Democratic win in the U.S. presidential election in November could result in less favorable regulatory conditions for crypto.

Technical Analysis

From a technical analysis perspective, Krüger expects Bitcoin to trade in the $50,000 range for a while, filling in the price area. He sees potential downside levels at $52,000 and between $48,000 and $49,000 if there is extreme selling pressure from Mt. Gox creditors. On the upside, he expects Bitcoin to bounce back to the 200-day moving average at $58,500, where aggressive sellers might re-enter the market.

Source: TradingView

Featured Image via Pixabay