In episode #1377 of The Pomp Podcast, host Anthony Pompliano sat down with Alex Thorn, the Head of Research at Galaxy Digital, to discuss the increasing influence of Bitcoin on Wall Street.

Bitcoin: American Values Codified

Thorn opens the conversation by drawing parallels between Bitcoin and American values. He argues that Bitcoin embodies self-sovereignty, free markets, capitalism, and private property rights. These principles, he claims, align closely with the American ethos, making Bitcoin an appealing asset for those who cherish individual freedom and financial sovereignty. Thorn emphasizes that Bitcoin’s decentralized nature enforces these values more robustly than traditional financial systems.

The Political Landscape and Bitcoin

The discussion shifts to the political reception of Bitcoin in the United States. Thorn notes a tension between the ideals of self-sovereignty and the regulatory stance of some policymakers. While some politicians view Bitcoin as a threat to the dollar, others are beginning to recognize its potential benefits. Thorn believes that the U.S. has a unique opportunity to lead in the Bitcoin space due to its substantial investment, intellectual mindshare, and regulatory developments.

Bitcoin Mining and Energy Concerns

Thorn addresses concerns about Bitcoin mining and its impact on energy consumption. He points out that flexible loads from Bitcoin mining can be beneficial for electrical grids. Moreover, he says, the narrative that Bitcoin mining would consume all the world’s electricity has proven to be unfounded. Thorn suggests that a more mature understanding of Bitcoin’s energy dynamics is emerging.

Regulatory Clarity and Innovation

One of the most critical issues discussed is the need for clear regulatory definitions. Thorn advocates for specific guidelines that distinguish between digital commodities and securities. He also emphasizes the importance of protecting non-custodial software developers from regulatory burdens. He believes such clarity would foster innovation and enable businesses to build confidently within the crypto space.

Global Adoption and Geopolitical Dynamics

Thorn speculates on the next countries to adopt Bitcoin, either through mining or as a reserve asset. He highlights energy-rich nations and those experiencing high inflation as potential adopters. Thorn envisions a future where Bitcoin is used in international trade and as a hedge against geopolitical instability. This adoption, he thinks, could be driven by the inherent qualities of Bitcoin, such as its global accessibility and resistance to seizure.

The Role of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

The conversation touches on the impact of spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs on the market. Thorn notes that while spot Bitcoin ETFs have seen significant inflows, spot Ethereum ETFs may face different dynamics due to the complexity of the Ethereum narrative and the current market environment. However, he remains optimistic about the potential for substantial inflows into spot Ethereum ETFs, given the right conditions.

Token Unlocks and Market Impact

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around the upcoming unlocks of tokens created during the 2021 and 2022 boom. Thorn highlights the potential market impact of these unlocks, with billions of dollars worth of tokens set to enter circulation. He suggests that projects may need to reconsider their tokenomics or even pursue mergers to mitigate the effects of this dilution.

Featured Image via Pixabay