In a recent episode of “The Wolf of All Streets” podcast, Scott Melker hosted Dan Tapiero, founder of 1Roundtable Partners and 10T Holdings, to discuss the future of cryptocurrency. Tapiero shared his bullish outlook on the crypto market, predicting it could eventually be worth hundreds of trillions.

Crypto Market Potential

Tapiero initially believed the crypto market could reach a total market cap of $10 trillion. However, recent developments and the rapid growth of the sector have led him to revise his estimate significantly upwards. He now believes the market could reach $30 trillion, $70 trillion, or even $100 trillion in the future. He mentioned that within 18 to 24 months, the market could realistically reach $10 trillion.

Current Market Sentiment and Growth

Despite the current volatility in crypto prices, Tapiero remains optimistic. He emphasizes that the ecosystem is strong, with many companies in his portfolio performing exceptionally well. He views the recent market fluctuations as part of the normal corrective process.

Institutional Adoption and Regulatory Landscape

The conversation touched on the regulatory challenges crypto faces, particularly in the United States. Tapiero highlighted the positive changes over the past year, including favorable court rulings and the entry of major financial institutions into the crypto space. The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs and potential spot Solana ETFs are seen as significant milestones.

Role of Meme Coins and Community Engagement

Tapiero acknowledged the popularity of meme coins and their role in attracting younger investors. He likened the meme coin craze to the excitement of buying lottery tickets in the past. While most participants may not see significant returns, he views the engagement and enthusiasm as positive for the overall ecosystem.

Innovations and Future Trends

The conversation also covered the continuous innovation within the crypto space. Tapiero noted the emergence of Bitcoin ordinals and the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi). He predicted that the fourth quarter of the year could see another significant rally in crypto prices, driven by new information and increased institutional interest.

Investing in Infrastructure

Tapiero discussed the importance of investing in the infrastructure that supports the crypto ecosystem. His funds focus on companies that provide essential services and tools, such as QuickNode and Figment, which have seen substantial growth and profitability. He believes that investing in these “picks and shovels” of the crypto industry is a more stable and profitable approach.

The Future of Stablecoins and Real-World Assets

Tapiero and Melker also explored the future of stablecoins and the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs). Tapiero believes that everything of value will eventually be placed on a blockchain, leading to a future where assets are fungible and transactions are settled instantly. He envisions a world where stablecoins could make up a significant portion of the total money supply, potentially reaching 10% of the total money supply, which could be around $8 trillion or more as the money supply grows.

Corporate Adoption of Bitcoin

While Michael Saylor’s efforts to promote corporate adoption of Bitcoin were discussed, Tapiero remains skeptical that many companies will add Bitcoin to their balance sheets. He believes the real drivers of adoption will be institutional investors and asset managers who understand the value and potential of cryptocurrencies.

Market Dynamics and Predictions

Tapiero compared the crypto market dynamics to historical market cycles, suggesting that after periods of high growth, corrections are normal and healthy. He expects Bitcoin to potentially reach $150,000 within the next 18 months, and emphasized that the overall market could see substantial growth, driven by continued innovation and institutional adoption.

Featured Image via Pixabay