Alexander Leishman, the co-founder and CEO of River Financial, is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency landscape, particularly known for his contributions to making Bitcoin more accessible and understandable to investors.

River Financial, under Leishman’s leadership, operates as a Bitcoin-centric financial institution, offering brokerage services that enable users to buy, sell, and securely hold Bitcoin. The firm distinguishes itself by focusing solely on Bitcoin, emphasizing security, regulatory compliance, and a seamless user experience aimed at long-term investors.

On March 2, Leishman explained on social media platform X, why over half of River Financial’s treasury is held in Bitcoin. This strategic decision is significant for several reasons, each underlining the firm’s confidence in Bitcoin’s future and its commitment to aligning its financial health with the cryptocurrency’s growth trajectory.

Firstly, allocating a substantial portion of the company’s treasury to Bitcoin is seen as a way to amplify River’s resources for product development. As Bitcoin’s value grows, so does the potential funding available for innovation and expansion, allowing River to invest in new products and services that further enhance its offerings. This approach not only capitalizes on Bitcoin’s growth potential but also aligns River’s product development with the interests and needs of its user base.

Secondly, diversifying the treasury by including a significant amount of Bitcoin serves as a hedge against the failures of traditional finance (tradfi). By reducing its exposure to cash and traditional banking systems, River insulates itself from the volatility and risks associated with economic downturns, bank failures, and financial crises. This diversification strategy reflects a broader trend among companies looking to safeguard their assets from inflation and other macroeconomic challenges.

Lastly, Leishman highlights the decision as a multiplier for the long-term value of the company for all shareholders. By investing in Bitcoin, River Financial not only demonstrates its belief in Bitcoin’s appreciation over time but also positions itself to benefit directly from such growth. This can potentially lead to increased company value, benefiting shareholders through enhanced financial health and potentially higher returns on their investment in the company.

Later that day, he added that River has been accumulating BTC for its corporate treasury for the past five years (which is earlier than when MicroStrategy Inc. started doing the same):

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