Mar. 12th, Panama – On March 11, 2024,, a global leader in digital asset trading, released its latest proof of reserve report. The report reveals that’s reserve ratio in March reached 115.49%, with the total reserves surpassing $6 billion, a 40.33% increase from January. Additionally, the extra reserves experienced steady growth, reaching a record high of $820 million, an increase of 40.50%. March 2024 Reserve Fund Data Details:

  • Total Reserve Value: $6,124,168,811
  • Extra Reserves: $821,492,191
  • Total Reserve Ratio: 115.49%

This data indicates that in the past 60 days, has seen strong growth in its proof of reserve size. In recent years, has made significant achievements in the PoR sector, mainly due to its technical strength, market influence, and high emphasis on security.

Currently,’s proof of reserve covers 189 digital assets, each with a reserve ratio exceeding 100%, providing users with higher levels of security and trust. Additionally, encourages users to visit the 100% Proof of Reserve page to independently verify the reserves for their accounts and deposits. has been committed to enhancing the security and transparency of digital asset trading. In 2023, it continuously upgraded its Proof of Reserve (PoR) solution by adopting Zero-Knowledge Proof technology (Zk-SNARKs). This not only strengthened the PoR scheme but also further enhanced the platform’s security and transparency.

In the meantime, has also collaborated with Hacken, a global leader in security auditing, to enhance the platform’s security and smart contract auditing through comprehensive security audits. Hacken’s latest report shows that’s Proof of Reserve solution excels in blockchain technology and cryptographic systems, providing a more reliable digital asset trading environment for users.’s latest reserve value in March 2024 reached a new high, highlighting its steady growth and exceptional strength in the digital asset trading field. Through ongoing technological innovation and deep collaboration with security auditing firms, will continue to maintain its leading position, offering a safer and more reliable trading environment for global digital asset traders.