Around 7:15 a.m. UTC on Monday, 11 March 2024, the Bitcoin price broke the $70,000 level for the first time, before continuing its rally past $71,000. At the time of writing (9:03 a.m. UTC) on crypto nexchange Bitstamp, Bitcoin is trading at around $71,198, up 1.87% in the past 24-hour period.

Source: TradingView

Jason Williams is known in the cryptocurrency community as an entrepreneur, investor, and advocate for blockchain technology and Bitcoin. He has been involved in various ventures within the crypto space and is recognized for his contributions to popularizing and investing in digital assets. Williams co-founded Morgan Creek Digital Assets, a digital asset management firm, alongside Anthony Pompliano and Mark Yusko, focusing on blockchain technology and the digital asset class.

Williams is also noted for his active presence on social media, where he shares insights, trends, and predictions about the cryptocurrency market. He often discusses the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to disrupt traditional finance and create new opportunities for investment and innovation.

Shortly after Bitcoin broke past the psycholoigically important $70,000 level, Williams took to social media paltform X (formerly known as Twitter) to commemorate this achievement. His message, “Welcome to the #Bitcoin Price Discovery Era,” not only celebrated the moment but also signaled a broader perspective on Bitcoin’s journey and potential future trajectory. By heralding the advent of the “Bitcoin Price Discovery Era,” Williams is likely referring to a period where Bitcoin, unfettered by previous historical highs, enters a phase of establishing its worth based on new market dynamics, investor sentiments, and global economic factors.

Williams’ statement suggests an optimistic outlook on Bitcoin’s value and its role in the financial ecosystem. Price discovery is a fundamental concept in economics and finance, referring to the process through which a market determines the price of an asset, incorporating all available information.

In the context of Bitcoin, this era of price discovery implies that the cryptocurrency is breaking new ground, exploring price levels it has never reached before. This could be driven by increasing institutional adoption, wider public acceptance, and recognition of Bitcoin as a store of value or even a hedge against inflation. Williams’ commentary hints at a future where Bitcoin continues to chart its course, possibly reaching even higher valuations as it cements its position in both retail and institutional investors’ portfolios.