El Salvador, February 15th, 2024 – Tokn1, a leading player in the realm of Digital Securities, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining a comprehensive license from Salvadoran authorities. This achievement places Tokn1 in an elite category, making it one of the pioneers in the world of regulated Digital Securities emissions, offerings (DSOs), and global trading.

Digital Securities and Real-World Asset Tokenization

Digital Securities represent a groundbreaking shift in finance. Real-World Asset Tokenization involves converting assets such as art, real estate, private equity, dept and bonds into Digital Securities. This innovation offers cost-efficient operations, immediate settlements, and heightened transparency compared to traditional systems. Furthermore, it facilitates fractional ownership, greatly enhancing asset liquidity and accessibility for a broader range of investors.

Why Choose Tokn1?

Tokn1 stands out as a specialized Digital Securities Suite dedicated to the tokenization of Real World Assets, Digital Security Offerings (DSOs), and Exchange. We bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain innovation, emphasizing security, transparency, and regulation. Our comprehensive license in El Salvador is a testament to our commitment to this financial evolution.

Expanding Influence in Europe

Tokn1 has also made its mark in Europe, entering the European Sandbox and collaborating with regulatory authorities such as ESMA and CNMV in Spain. This strategic move not only expands our reach across 27 European countries but also aligns with global regulatory norms.

This effort will provide a seamless infrastructure for companies to effortlessly issue, distribute, and manage tokenized RWAs via Tokn1, which follows the industry standard ERC3643, which makes use of reusable digital identities and verifiable credentials to ensure participation from only qualified investors.

Key Highlights

1. Prominent Positioning: Tokn1’s comprehensive license places it among industry leaders like Binance, positioning the company as a pioneering force in Latin America’s burgeoning digital securities market.

2. Rapid Achievement: Obtaining this license within an expedited timeframe underscores Tokn1’s dedication to innovation and regulatory compliance.

3. Unleashing Digital Securities: As global financial markets undergo transformation, Tokn1 stands at the forefront of the Digital Securities revolution.

In Number

2024 Total Market Capitalization: Over $342 billion
 – 10% of Global GDP Tokenized by 2030: Estimated at $16.1 Trillion
 – Up tp 40% Reduction in Issuance Cost, Post-Trade Settlement, and Asset Servicing

Strategic Alignment with El Salvador

Tokn1’s achievement aligns with President Bukele’s visionary efforts to position El Salvador as a global hub for blockchain and financial innovation. As the nation continues to gain international recognition since embracing Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, the introduction of advanced market players like Tokn1 further solidifies its reputation.

Ricardo Mauas, CEO & Founder of Tokn1, commented on this significant milestone: “We are honored to receive this comprehensive license in a nation that’s rapidly shaping the future of finance. This move is a validation of Tokn1’s excellence and a testament to El Salvador’s progressive stance under President Bukele’s leadership. We look forward to unveiling state-of-the-art products and services tailored for the Salvadoran audience and playing a pivotal role in the nation’s financial evolution.”


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For more information, please visit www.tokn1.com