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Taki Games, the leading social gaming network that allows users to earn real money rewards, is teaming up with the cross-chain Web3 entertainment studio Two3 Labs to create and launch a highly-addictive mobile game that utilizes the popular Smoofs NFT collection.

While the Puzzle Smoofs game is currently in development, the team has been progressing rapidly and expects to launch it on the Taki Games network in March 2024.

The launch of Puzzle Smoofs adds to a fast-growing library of games on the Taki Network, where it will sit alongside popular Web3-branded titles such as Game7 Food Fighter and Pac-Cats.

Taki Games’ mission is to bring the billions of mobile gamers into Web3 through its gaming network, and is doing so in partnership with leading Web3 brands and communities that are expanding their reach through gaming.

With its decentralized gaming platform, Taki Games is revolutionizing the way we play mobile games by adding incentives, tokenized rewards and ownership of gaming assets to provide greater value to gamers. Its player-owned network supports reward-earning opportunities that will enable developers to share the revenue their games bring in with the player communities who are an integral part of their success.

This concept, known as “play-to-earn” gaming, has seen rapid growth in the last few years following the success of hit titles such as Axie Infinity. But to date, the earliest Web3 games face a real risk of token hyperinflation, due to their poorly thought-out tokenmomics. Taki Games aims to fix this broken model by channelling value from the $200 billion+ traditional gaming industry into its clever rewards system, built around the TAKI token.

The TAKI token sits at the heart of Taki’s “Takinomics” model that helps to ensure the value of in-game tokens and ensure players can earn genuine rewards from playing their favorite games. It utilizes a novel buy-and-burn mechanism to incentivize gamers to generate revenue while engaging with games.

The Taki Games team includes the founders of Kabam, one of the earliest pioneers of free-to-play mobile and social games.

Smoofs, which launched in December 2023, has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular NFT collections on the Polygon blockchain. It features one of Polygon’s most engaged communities and has already generated a trading volume of more than $300,000 in the two months since it launched, creating strong demand for the MOOVE token that sits at the heart of Two3 Labs’ ecosystem.

The Smoofs NFTs are highly prized for their unique artwork and its vibrant community, and the launch of the Puzzle Smoofs game will dramatically expand the utility and appeal of the collection, giving NFT holders a way to interact with their NFTs beyond traditional experiences.

Prior to launching Smoofs, the Two3 Labs team rose to fame on the back of its Cow Cow NFT collection on MultiversX, which has generated a sales volume in excess of $2 million since February 2023.

According to Sorin Diaconu, Co-Founder of Two3 Labs:

“Smoofs is more than just a collection of NFTs – it’s a community-centric brand built to revolutionize the concept of entertainment in Web3. Smoofs is represented by a vibrant community and a universe of characters that have captured the hearts of many. This collaboration with Taki Games and Two3 Labs is an important milestone for us, blending the lines between NFTs and gaming and offering mainstream gamers an innovative way to engage with our brand and community. We are excited to see how this game will bring the Smoofsverse and Web3 culture to a mainstream gaming audience with Taki Games.”

Weiwei Geng, CEO of Taki Games, added:

“Our mission is to bring mainstream gamers into crypto by becoming Web3’s Zynga. In addition to building fun games that use market-leading tokenomic models, we’re also excited to bring Web3 culture to our millions of players by partnering with amazing collections like Smoofs. By integrating Smoofs IP into this game, we are not only providing players with true ownership of in-game assets but also creating a new avenue for brands to engage with their audience in a meaningful and interactive way. This convergence of gaming and NFTs is poised to reshape the future of entertainment and digital ownership.”

Since its pivot to Web3 gaming, Taki Games has grown by more than 3,000% to become one of the top 15 dApps on Polygon in terms of unique active wallets (UAW), and one of the top 70 across all blockchain networks, according to data from Dappradar. What’s more, TAKI’s trading volume has surged from as low as $300,000 per day at the end of 2023 to an average of more than $13 million per day by mid-February, while its mobile application has achieved more than 5 million installs on Android devices, according to Google Play.

The stunning growth of Taki Games’ network provides real-world proof of the sound fundamentals of its Takinomics economic model, with more than 1 million TAKI already bought back and burned, according to Dune. The collaboration between Taki Games and Two3 Labs is yet another example of the exciting possibilities the merger of Web3 and traditional gaming will create.

As the gaming industry explores new opportunities for growth and engagement, the integration of digital assets into gameplay can drive greater engagement and create more value for all stakeholders, heralding a new era for everyone with new possibilities for anyone who is fanatical about video games.

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Taki Games is on a mission to bring players and revenue on-chain by aligning incentives between gamers. As the leading gaming network for mobile, Taki Games enables loyal players to earn an ownership stake in the growth of the network and share the rewards. Founded by a team with over 15 years of history as pioneers in the gaming industry, Taki Games delivers free-to-play games that reward users with TAKI tokens.

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