A well-regarded crypto strategist has cast a spotlight on Solana (SOL), an Ethereum (ETH) rival, predicting an extraordinary ascent in its value. The analyst, known by the pseudonym Inmortal, has shared with his over 207K followers on the social media platform X, a vision where Solana could witness a staggering increase of more than 340% from its present valuation by the year 2025.

Drawing parallels to Ethereum’s remarkable rally in 2021, which saw its price catapult from $80 to $4500, Inmortal envisions a similar trajectory for Solana. He suggests that SOL could leap from its current price of $8 to an impressive $450 in 2025.

Despite this long-term optimism for SOL, Inmortal anticipates that Ethereum might outshine Solana in the short term. He speculates, “ETH has a good chance to outperform SOL in the coming months. After that, SOL will be the leader again.”

The analyst is keenly observing Solana’s ability to convert critical resistance levels into support, with significant price targets set at $120-$130, followed by $190-$200. He describes these levels as pivotal, indicating that Solana’s price could rapidly move between these key points, hinting at a volatile yet potentially rewarding journey for investors.

At the time of writing, Solana trades at $104.63, marking a 3.51% increase over the last 24 hours, reflecting a positive trend that aligns with Inmortal’s bullish forecast.

Source: TradingView

Beyond Solana, Inmortal’s predictions extend to Bitcoin, anticipating a retest of the $47,000 mark in the coming week, with expectations of a surge beyond $53,000 in early March. His strategy is clear: “Not interested in shorts. I’ll turn off my brain and wait for this setup to develop,” indicating a confident wait-and-see approach to the unfolding market dynamics.

Interestingly, the analyst also touches upon the meme coin sector, predicting that Floki (FLOKI), a dog-themed crypto asset, is likely to outperform its rival, Dogecoin (DOGE). Contrary to the usual trend where DOGE leads, Inmortal believes, “Floki will lead this cycle,” suggesting a shift in the memecoin hierarchy.

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