Ryan Berckmans, an Ethereum community member and investor, recently discussed several key topics in an interview with Cointelegraph.

He started by making a bold prediction that the price of Ethereum (ETH) could reach anywhere between $12,000 and $27,000 within 18 to 30 months. This surge is expected to be fueled by the potential approval of a spot Ethereum ETF, which analysts predict could happen as early as May this year. Berckmans emphasized the similarities between the lead-up to the ETF approval for Bitcoin and Ethereum, indicating a potential positive outcome for Ethereum’s price.

Regarding the current state of the market, Berckmans expressed optimism, highlighting that the Ethereum-to-Bitcoin ratio is historically low, indicating significant growth potential. He noted that with the rising crypto cycle, coupled with favorable fundamentals, Ethereum’s price could experience substantial growth in the coming months and years. Berckmans likened the current market situation to being in the “second inning,” suggesting that there is still significant room for growth and that the bull market is just warming up.

Berckmans delved into the potential impact of the US presidential election on cryptocurrency prices, noting the differing stances of political parties towards crypto. He cautioned against expecting a “blowoff top” year in 2024, indicating that the real highs may be yet to come in 2025 or 2026.

When discussing Ethereum’s potential peak price during this cycle, Berckmans provided detailed analysis, considering factors such as the reduction in sell pressure post-merge to proof of stake. He highlighted the significant decrease in aggregate proof-of-work sell pressure, which could lead to a substantial increase in Ethereum’s price.

Berckmans also addressed Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s call to return to the cypherpunk spirit of decentralization. He noted that while the focus on financial use cases is prevalent, Ethereum’s application developers are exploring other impactful areas such as decentralized social and payment solutions.

Furthermore, Berckmans discussed the significance of the upcoming Denon upgrade for Ethereum. He explained that the upgrade would dramatically improve Ethereum’s scaling capabilities by expanding the data bandwidth of the Ethereum Layer 1 through a new type of data storage called “blobs.” This enhancement is expected to reduce data costs for Layer 2 solutions, paving the way for further scalability and adoption.

Finally, Berckmans addressed concerns about the over-centralization of Ethereum’s ecosystem in the hands of powerful staking pools post-transition to proof of stake. He emphasized that while there are concerns, Ethereum’s future decentralization remains bright, with competitive products emerging to address market share issues.

Featured Image via Pixabay