CCData, an FCA-authorised benchmark administrator and a leader in digital asset data, released its comprehensive Digital Asset Management Review for December 2023 on January 3, 2024. As a global authority in digital asset data, CCData specializes in providing institutional-grade data and settlement indices. By aggregating and analyzing tick data from globally recognized exchanges and integrating multiple datasets, CCData offers a detailed overview of the market across various segments, including trade, derivatives, order book, historical, social, and blockchain data.

This report, crucial for institutional investors, analysts, and regulators, compiles data from various esteemed sources, including the Financial Times, CoinShares, and Bloomberg, offering a panoramic view of the investment landscape in digital assets.

December 2023 marked a significant milestone for Bitcoin-based products, witnessing a 15.9% increase in their AUM, reaching a formidable $36.9 billion. This surge propelled Bitcoin’s market dominance to an impressive 74.3%, up from 68.1% at the beginning of the year, underscoring its unwavering position in the digital asset realm.

The year 2023 was a landmark for digital asset management firms. Grayscale emerged as a market leader, boasting a yearly growth of 136.37%, elevating its AUM to an astounding $34.46 billion. Similarly, XBT Provider and 21Shares experienced substantial growth, with Purpose Investments and ETC Group demonstrating the sector’s vigorous expansion over the year.

In a notable shift, altcoins such as AVAX, ADA, and SOL made significant strides in December. Particularly, Solana’s ETPs saw a nearly 30-fold increase throughout 2023, carving out a 1.3% market share from a previously insignificant position.

The final month of 2023 saw the daily trading volumes of digital asset products jump by 33.93%, peaking at $659.5 million. Concurrently, the total AUM climbed by 14.6% to $49.6 billion, marking the highest since March 2022 and signaling a strong close to the year in the digital asset investment sector.