The Solana Saga smartphone, once facing sluggish sales, has recently experienced a sales boom, largely thanks to an intriguing offer involving the BONK token. This resurgence is attributed to a lucrative airdrop of 30 million BONK tokens available to each new owner of the phone, presenting an enticing arbitrage opportunity.

The BONK token airdrop, estimated to be worth nearly $700 at current prices, significantly exceeds the phone’s retail cost of $599. This disparity has sparked a surge in sales, with the Saga phone’s sales figures multiplying more than tenfold in just 48 hours. Solana co-founder Raj Gokal confirmed this dramatic increase, noting that the phone is now on track to sell out before the new year.

The sudden increase in demand led Anatoly Yakovenko, another Solana co-founder, to suggest jokingly a price hike for the Saga phone, initially reduced from $999 to $599 in August following initial poor sales performance.

The recent price hike of the BONK meme token, which soared over 764% in the last 30 days, significantly contributed to the increased interest in the Solana phone. This rise in BONK’s value turned the Saga phone into a rare arbitrage opportunity, allowing buyers to potentially profit from the airdrop.

Source: TradingView

The Saga Discord server witnessed an influx of newcomers eager to acquire the phone and participate in the airdrop. Solana wallets holding the Saga Genesis Token obtained upon activating the Saga phone can claim 30 million BONK tokens within the Bonk DApp, which is available from the Saga’s custom DApp store.

The trade opportunity hinges on the BONK token maintaining its value by the time consumers receive their Saga devices, and the extremely volatile nature of meme tokens means that it is very possible that by the time the new owners get to claim this airdrop, it might not be worth anything at all.