Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, recently shared his insights on why he is optimistic about the prospects of $XRP and $ADA in the forthcoming cryptocurrency bull cycle. In a video that spans over 15 minutes, Gambardello discusses his portfolio strategy, his approach to profit-taking, and why he believes these two cryptocurrencies stand out as potential blue-chip investments.

Gambardello starts by affirming his commitment to Cardano (ADA), which constitutes a significant portion of his investment portfolio. He anticipates a substantial bull cycle for Cardano, especially with the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi) on its platform. He speculates that with a $10 trillion market cap for the entire crypto market, a 4% dominance for ADA could translate to a market cap of $400 billion, positioning ADA at an $11 valuation — a 30x increase from its current price.

The second cryptocurrency Gambardello is excited about is XRP. Despite its differences from ADA, he sees a synergy in holding both. He notes that both have vibrant communities, arguably more so than Bitcoin or Ethereum. With the potential for similar gains as ADA, he sees XRP as a lower-risk investment with a high reward potential, especially considering its recovery from the SEC lawsuit and its clear regulatory status.

Gambardello emphasizes the importance of having a profit-taking plan. He advocates for a conservative approach, suggesting that even if one is bullish on the long-term prospects of a cryptocurrency, it’s wise to start taking profits once significant gains are achieved. He shares his contemplation on whether to start selling ADA at a 5x increase from its current price, despite his belief that it could reach much higher valuations.

He also touches on the broader Cardano ecosystem, hinting at the potential of native tokens and other projects within the ecosystem that could offer even higher returns. While he refrains from naming specific altcoins, he indicates that he’s considering some that are not yet trading publicly.

Featured Image via Pixabay