In a striking example of balancing a career with entrepreneurial flair, a 30-year-old marketing professional has turned her artistic passion into a profitable side venture. Starting DomoINK in April 2020 as a creative outlet, she has since developed it into a thriving business, generating $22,000 monthly in passive income.

Source: DomoINK

According to a report by Domonique Brown for CNBC’s Make It, DomoINK emerged not just as a brand but as a testament to the fusion of art and commerce. Brown says that the venture quickly scaled, securing its presence in online marketplaces and retail giants like Target and Home Goods. She believes that this expansion is a clear indicator of the brand’s resonance with a diverse consumer base.

The artist’s journey with DomoINK is marked by strategic collaborations with major brands such as Disney, Samsung, Lowe’s, and Dr. Martens. These partnerships, she points out, have not only amplified the brand’s reach but also underscored its versatility and appeal. Her artwork’s inclusion in Target’s 2023 Black History Month collection and upcoming collaborations with Walmart further highlight the brand’s growing influence.

Despite her success, the artist maintains a disciplined approach to her dual roles. She says her typical day begins at 8:00 a.m., focusing on customer interactions for DomoINK, followed by her responsibilities as an interactive designer. This structured approach extends throughout her week, with specific days allocated for content creation, editing, and new art development, ensuring a balanced and productive workflow.

The artist reserves her weekends for personal time, often seeking inspiration for her next creative endeavor. Brown insists that this balance between work and personal life is crucial in maintaining her creative output and overall well-being.

More than the financial rewards, the artist’s vision with DomoINK is to inspire and empower. Her aspirations to have her artworks featured in renowned museums are driven by a desire to influence and encourage young Black creatives, reflecting a commitment to cultural representation and diversity in the arts.

Featured Image via Pixabay