A growing number of Thai investors are reportedly turning to unconventional methods like astrology and tarot cards to predict crypto market movements. The report from Cointelegraph highlights this emerging trend, offering insights into the motivations and beliefs of these traders.

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies (such as planets and stars) and their potential influence on human affairs and natural phenomena. It’s rooted in the idea that the positions of these celestial bodies at the time of one’s birth can influence their personality, behavior, and life events. Astrologers create horoscopes by interpreting the positions of celestial bodies, primarily the sun, moon, and planets, in relation to the zodiac signs and houses (sectors representing different areas of life).

Key Components of Astrology:

  1. Zodiac Signs: There are 12 zodiac signs, each associated with specific dates, elements (fire, earth, air, water), and characteristics.
  2. Planets: In astrology, planets (including the sun and moon) are considered to influence different aspects of one’s life.
  3. Houses: The birth chart is divided into 12 houses, each representing a different area of life, such as relationships, career, or health.
  4. Aspects: The angles or relationships between planets, which can be harmonious or challenging.

Tarot Cards: Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards used primarily for divination. They are divided into two main categories:

  1. Major Arcana (22 cards): These cards represent significant life events or spiritual lessons and include cards like The Fool, The Magician, and The Lovers.
  2. Minor Arcana (56 cards): These cards represent daily life and its ups and downs. They are further divided into four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands.

A tarot reading typically involves a seeker and a reader. The seeker asks a question, and the reader shuffles the deck and draws cards. The interpretation of these cards provides insights, guidance, or answers.

While both astrology and tarot are tools for divination and guidance, they are distinct systems. However, there are overlaps:

  1. Some tarot decks incorporate astrological symbols and concepts.
  2. Certain tarot cards are associated with zodiac signs or planets.
  3. Some practitioners use both tarot and astrology in their readings for a more comprehensive insight.

How Are They Used to Predict the Future?

  1. Astrology: By creating a birth chart (a snapshot of the sky at the time of birth), astrologers can interpret how planetary movements and transits might affect an individual’s life. For instance, if Mars (the planet of action) is moving through someone’s career house, it might indicate a time of professional activity or challenges.
  2. Tarot: During a reading, the cards drawn in relation to the seeker’s question can indicate potential outcomes or influences. For instance, drawing The Tower might suggest unexpected change, while The Wheel of Fortune could indicate cycles or a turn of luck.

According to Cointelegraph’s report, many Thai traders believe that planetary positions can provide clues about the future of the crypto market, and they are consulting astrologers, hoping to gain an edge in their investment decisions by understanding the predicted planetary alignments and their potential impact on cryptocurrency values.

Apparently, tarot cards have found a new clientele in Thai crypto enthusiasts. These traders reportedly seek guidance from tarot card readers, who interpret the cards to provide insights into potential market fluctuations. The belief is that the symbolism and imagery of the cards can offer foresights into market trends, helping traders make informed decisions.

The report points out that Thailand has a rich tapestry of beliefs and practices rooted in spirituality and the supernatural. Furthermore, it states that the use of astrology and tarot in financial decisions might seem unusual to outsiders, but it is consistent with the nation’s cultural and spiritual traditions. It goes on to say that for many Thai people, these practices offer a blend of hope, guidance, and strategy in the unpredictable world of cryptocurrency trading.

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