Panos Mekras, a well-known blockchain consultant and financial technology expert, recently engaged with his social media followers on X to discuss the following investment question: Should one invest in Ripple’s potential IPO or buy XRP tokens?

Mekras is the Founder of DigitalGen Financial Services, Co-Founder of Anodos Finance, and the author of “Understanding the Crypto Economy: A Full Guide for Beginners.”

Mekras began the conversation by offering two distinct investment paths:

  • Invest in Ripple’s Potential Upcoming IPO: If an investor has greater confidence in Ripple as a company and its business model, Mekras suggests that Ripple’s stock is the better choice.
  • Invest in XRP Tokens: Conversely, if an investor sees more potential in XRP and the XRP Ledger (XRPL), which serves as a versatile digital asset, then Mekras recommends buying XRP tokens.

In a dialogue with a user named “Flare Community,” Mekras concurred that Ripple is generally a safer investment. However, he emphasized that for those seeking higher returns, XRP is the more promising option.

Mekras further clarified his stance in a conversation with a user named “HitManTate.” He stated that, in his opinion, XRP has “much bigger expected returns” because the XRP Ledger could potentially attract thousands of companies and millions of users, unlike Ripple, which is just one company.

When another user, “AurumVoyager,” suggested investing in both Ripple’s stock and XRP tokens, Mekras agreed but added a caveat. He mentioned that those confused and leaning more towards Ripple and its business model should probably invest more in Ripple’s stock.

According to a CNBC report published on 25 May 2022, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse disclosed that the company is considering an Initial Public Offering (IPO) once its current lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concludes. Ripple utilizes XRP, the world’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency, to enable more efficient and cost-effective cross-border payments. The process involves converting fiat currency to XRP and then back to fiat, thereby reducing costs and speeding up transactions.

Featured Image via Midjourney