In a recent Twitter exchange, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), David Schwartz, addressed concerns raised by an XRP community member about the potential misuse of memos on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), particularly in transactions involving banks and governments.

The conversation was initiated by XRP fan “Mr. Intuitive”, who expressed apprehension about the XRPL feature that allows anyone to add a memo to a transaction involving another entity. He suggested that if banks and government institutions were to use the XRPL extensively, this feature could pose problems. His concerns were primarily about the possibility of malicious actors attaching harmful or false memos to transactions, thereby associating the targeted banks or governments with inappropriate content.

Schwartz responded by clarifying that the XRPL operates without knowing the entities involved in transactions. It does not distinguish between banks, governments, or other entities. He emphasized that anyone, regardless of their affiliation or role, can attach memos to their transactions. He also pointed out that anyone can clean up a ledger entry under the right conditions. For instance, when one of Ripple’s escrows expired, a user from the XRP community was the first to clean it up.

Despite Schwartz’s explanation, Mr. Intuitive remained firm in his stance. He reiterated that while the ledger does not need to know the entities involved, any party’s potential misuse of memos could still cause unintended issues if the XRPL were to gain widespread adoption among banks and government institutions.

The discussion was sparked by a recent incident involving a strange memo attached to a Ripple escrow execution involving 400 million XRP. The mysterious memo piqued the curiosity of the XRP community due to its unusual nature and choice of words.

According to a report by Albert Brown for The Crypto Basic, while the XRP community was busy deciphering the origins of a peculiar memo attached to a Ripple escrow transaction, it was discovered that the person who initiated the transaction had a history of similar activities dating back to 2019. The Crypto Basic has confirmed that the execution of an EscrowFinish transaction for Ripple is not exclusive to Ripple employees and can be carried out by anyone.