Ben Armstrong, a popular crypto influencer, has been removed from his position at BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of Hit Network and BitBoy Crypto.

According to a report by Kate Irwin for Decrypt, the company justified his removal by citing allegations of substance abuse and claiming that Armstrong had caused “emotional, physical, and financial damage” to the organization and its community.

Armstrong, however, has vehemently denied these allegations and has made counterclaims against the company.

In a swift response to the substance abuse allegations, Armstrong took to Twitter via the @JoinBenCoin account to publish a document displaying negative results for a five-panel drug test. He confirmed to Decrypt that he was the one who released these test results and stated that he is withholding any further statements at this time.

The Decrypt report also mentioned that during a group voice call on the BenCoin Discord server, Armstrong strongly refuted the substance abuse allegations. He accused Justin Williams and Hit Network CEO TJ Shedd of concocting the story. Armstrong clarified that he takes diet pills, specifically phentermine, for which he has a valid prescription. He also stated that he has been wrongly accused of using substances like cocaine and revealed that he takes steroids, namely testosterone and dianabol.

Armstrong further claimed that the allegations are part of a scheme to oust him from his own company. He mentioned that his name had previously been removed from Hit Network’s office building due to his bad credit history. He labeled the entire situation as “diabolical” and “insane.”