Popular meme-inspired cryptocurrency Floki Inu ($FLOKI) has recently announced that its users can now purchase products on AliExpress, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, using the cryptocurrency. The integration has been facilitated through Shopping.io, a platform that allows consumers to make purchases with cryptocurrencies.

This new feature enables users to browse and buy from a selection of over 100 million items available on AliExpress, a platform that ships to over 200 countries , ensuring that a vast majority of Floki Inu’s user base can leverage this feature, thereby enhancing the practical utility of the FLOKI token​​.

Shopping.io, a platform dedicated to bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and e-commerce, is instrumental in this integration. The platform facilitates transactions using various cryptocurrencies, now including Floki Inu, allowing users to enjoy a seamless shopping experience on platforms like AliExpress.

The introduction of Floki Inu on AliExpress marks a significant expansion of the FLOKI ecosystem, reflecting the growing acceptance and utility of cryptocurrencies in the world of e-commerce. For Floki Inu, a cryptocurrency inspired by the pet dog of Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, this represents a critical milestone.

As CryptoGlobe reported, FLOKI was earlier this month listed on leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, alongside hot memecoin Pepe, which is inspired by the infamous meme and cartoon character Pepe the Frog, and was introduced to the market on April 17, 2023.

Initially conceived as a meme coin venture, FLOKI has since broadened its scope to encompass an array of offerings, such as gaming, NFT collections, and even a cryptocurrency debit card. In contrast, Pepe Coin, a contentious meme coin, is based on a cartoon character and possesses no utility. Developed by an enigmatic team, the coin’s uncertain origins have sparked controversy.