In a recent video update, Charles Hoskinson, Co-founder and CEO of IOG, delved into various topics, including his personal interests, conferences, AMAs, interviews, and diverse business ventures. Hoskinson’s portfolio is as diverse as it is intriguing, from owning a synthetic biology company to investing in ventures like Colossal, a firm focused on bringing back the woolly mammoth.

Hoskinson’s synthetic biology company, which is making significant strides, is set to make some exciting announcements soon. He also mentioned his investment in Colossal, a company working on the ambitious project of resurrecting the woolly mammoth. His other ventures include raising bison and running a health clinic in Gillette, Wyoming. He also revealed his foray into the restaurant business.

In addition to his diverse business interests, Hoskinson also discussed his work with Cardano. He acknowledged that while most of his audience came to know him through Cardano, they now show interest in his other ventures. He expressed a preference for in-depth, intellectual conversations, attributing his success to his podcasts and extensive interviews. He critiqued print journalism as a fading medium burdened by inherent bias and one-sidedness.

The IOG CEO called on his audience to suggest ways to better engage with him across various platforms. These include next-generation platforms like Gab and Mastodon and legacy social media like Twitter and Facebook. He sought feedback on preferred content formats, short clips or long-form content, and the topics his audience would like him to explore.

Hoskinson also highlighted upcoming Cardano-related events, such as the 1694 workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Cardano Foundation Summit in Dubai. The 1694 workshop is the concluding event of a series of workshops aimed at gathering feedback on the 1694 SIP (Cardano Improvement Proposal). The final proposal will be deployed to a testnet and voted on by the community. He expressed his intention to engage with his audience in more innovative ways during these events.

Hoskinson ended his video by expressing his belief in the power of community and open source.