In a recent Twitter thread, Sebastien Guillemot, Co-Founder and CTO at blockchain company dcSpark announced an ambitious plan to transform Cardano into the prime platform for raising capital for innovation. Guillemot’s announcement introduces the Milkomeda Asset Consolidator, a tool designed to streamline the process of raising funds across multiple chains.

According to Guillemot, a former VP of Engineering & Cardano Product Manager at EMURGO, raising funds across different chains has traditionally been a complex and challenging process, with many projects finding themselves in a liquidity predicament while trying to provide a swap mechanism from their presale token to the token for their final product. The Milkomeda Asset Consolidator aims to resolve this issue by aggregating all sales into a single Cardano asset.

Source: Twitter

Guillemot believes this new tool will make the fundraising process easier, allowing project founders to focus on building their products. He notes that many new founders joining the Cardano DeFi summer are turning to public sales due to low DeFi interest from VCs. With the Milkomeda Asset Consolidator, these founders can now access more capital to build their projects.

The Milkomeda team is also working on other innovations, including calling EVM dApps directly from any Cardano wallet and earning staking rewards using EVM dApps deployed in the Cardano ecosystem. Guillemot also hinted at many games being built using Paima.

Guillemot encourages those interested in using the Milkomeda Asset Consolidator for their projects to contact him or the Milkomeda account. He also invites developers who haven’t considered building in Milkomeda to check it out, noting that there is a lot of cool tech on the horizon.

As CryptoGlobe reported yesterday, in the latest development update from IOG, Essential Cardano announced a series of advancements in the Cardano ecosystem.

Per Essential Cardnao’s blog post, Cardano has successfully launched 129 projects, generated more than 8.36 million native tokens, and executed 8,491 Plutus scripts. Further testament to Cardano’s dynamism is the striking figure of 1,245 projects currently being actively developed on its platform. Moreover, the network has demonstrated its power and reliability, having processed 67.8 million transactions. This remarkable progress underscores Cardano’s vigorous growth and its potential to deliver game-changing developments in the field of cryptocurrency.

Featured Image Credit: Photo / illustration by “Traxer” via Unsplash