According to the IOG’s latest development update, in the past week, Cardano has made significant strides in its core technology. The networking team has implemented a new light peer sharing feature, which is a primary method for new unregistered nodes to join the network. However, this feature is currently disabled pending the completion of the Genesis and Eclipse Evasion implementations.

The consensus team has been diligently working on the UTXO HD feature, which has now been integrated with cardano-node 8.1.1-pre. They have also started conducting UTXO-HD ad-hoc benchmarks for cardano-node, which revealed a performance regression in the network component when using GHC-9.2/9.4. Efforts are underway to resolve this issue.

In the realm of wallets and services, the Lace team has successfully implemented Brave support in Lace v.1.1.1 and is finalizing the HD wallet import feature. The Adrestia team is also making progress, working on updating the cardano-wallet to support node v.8.0.x, multi-signature wallet delegation, and DB layer enhancements.

The Plutus and Marlowe teams have been making significant progress in smart contracts. The Plutus team worked on finalizing the Marconi GetUtxoFromAddress and GetTokenBurnEvent indexers, while the Marlowe team worked on Marlowe Runtime improvements.

On the scaling front, the Hydra team has completed their investigation into Hydra head issues on mainnet and reactivated their persistent head instance. The Mithril team has completed the implementation of the new sub-command for restoring Mithril stake distribution in the client.

In Voltaire, discussions continue on CIP-1694 to establish an initial Minimum Viable Governance (MVG) framework. This framework is crucial for the advancement of participatory governance within the Cardano ecosystem.

During this week’s town hall, the Catalyst team provided an overview of the Fund10 budget parameters. The team initiated another dry run of the voting app and started work to merge snapshots from pre-production to mainnet to enable the ‘Check my voting power’ tool.

Finally, the Education team delivered a successful Cardano Days workshop at the University of Celaya, Mexico. The team also published lesson 14 of the Haskell Bootcamp and continued making progress with content for Mastering Cardano.

Featured Image Credit: Photo / illustration by “Traxer” via Unsplash