The Bitcoin revolution is in full swing, as evidenced by MicroStrategy’s Q1 2023 earnings call, where Executive Chairman Michael Saylor declared Bitcoin the clear winner over all other competing assets.

Here are the ten most interesting takeaways from MicroStrategy’s Q1 2023 earnings call, which took place on 1 May 2023, based on comments made by former CEO Michael Saylor:

  1. MicroStrategy adopted a Bitcoin strategy in Q3 2020, believing it to be the best treasury reserve asset. They consider Bitcoin to be “digital gold” without any of the liabilities or imperfections of gold and with all of the more compelling characteristics of a dominant big tech network.
  2. Bitcoin has outperformed all competing assets over the past 32 months, including big tech stocks and major enterprise software stocks.
  3. MicroStrategy has managed to outperform the underlying Bitcoin, attributing its performance to disciplined execution and focus both in the enterprise software business and its Bitcoin strategy.
  4. Bitcoin adoption continues to grow, and the regulatory environment for Bitcoin is improving.
  5. Capital is flowing from the crypto industry into Bitcoin as investors exit cryptocurrencies like stable coins and crypto securities, and Bitcoin is benefiting from regulatory changes in the industry.
  6. The Bitcoin network continues to strengthen, with network security at an all-time high and transactions nearing $11 million in the past 30 days.
  7. Transaction fees on the Bitcoin network are increasing, which benefits Bitcoin miners and creates a healthy environment for miners to secure the network.
  8. There are two major trends: capital flowing from the crypto industry into Bitcoin and a flow of development efforts from the crypto community onto the Bitcoin network, with the Lightning protocol emerging as a scalable transaction protocol for the world.
  9. MicroStrategy is hosting a Bitcoin and Lightning for Corporations conference, with a compelling turnout of various companies and Lightning application providers.
  10. The outlook for Bitcoin is optimistic, with Bitcoin emerging as a mainstream macroeconomic asset for macro traders and an exciting new technology opportunity for technology investors.