In a new collaboration, Xumm, the renowned self-custody wallet built on the XRP Ledger by XRPL Labs, has joined forces with Ecwid, a leading e-commerce platform in a bid to help over a million online stores throughout the world accept XRP Ledger payments.

Xumm announced the partnership on the microblogging platform Twitter, describitng it as a significant milestone in e-commerce. According to a blog post, this alliance will enable effortless integration of Xumm payments for online stores that utilize Ecwid.

Through the partnership, customers of these stores will be able to make payments using any asset they have on the XRP Ledger, including the $XRP token. The collaboration will afford online store owners the opportunity to cater to a vast community of cryptocurrency users while also receiving payments in stablecoins denominated in USD, GBP, and EUR.

Through a feature the Xumm team has dubbed “pathfinding,” users are able to pay with any crypto asset they own on XRPL, while the recipient receices the asset they want to receive, including fiat currency. Paying with Xumm lets users take advantgeo f th XRP Ledger’s low transaction fees and near-instant settlement.

Xumm is committed to promoting the global adoption of the XRP Ledger and has undertaken several initiatives aimed at making trading and payments more accessible to the average user.

In pursuit of this goal, the self-custody wallet reportedly partnered with Friipay in February to allow retail stores in the Netherlands to accept XRPL payments from customers simply by scanning a QR code.

In March, Xumm launched a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the XRP Ledger that allows users to trade their XRPL assets without leaving their browsers. Initially exclusive to Xumm Pro users, Xumm plans to release the browser-based DEX to the public in May.

As CryptoGlobe reported, California-based fintech firm Ripple has recently revealed that its global $XRP-powered global proprietary payments solution, RippleNet, has processed nearly $30 billion across approximately 20 million transactions since launch.

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