Ripple has some great news regarding Liquidity Hub, an innovative approach to managing crypto liquidity needs for businesses.

On April 13, American FinTech firm Ripple announced the public launch of Ripple Liquidity Hub, their B2B Crypto Liquidity API solution.

According to the company’s blog post, Ripple piloted the solution last year. It is now available for businesses to manage their crypto liquidity needs seamlessly and flexibly.

Source: Ripple

The blog post highlights Ripple’s view of a shift towards a multi-asset reality where consumers and businesses need to manage a broad range of assets, including fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Ripple argues that the ability to easily move between these distinct assets is essential for maintaining liquidity and executing affordable, real-time cross-border payments.

As stated in the blog post, Ripple’s Liquidity Hub was created to address the inefficiencies in bridging the crypto and fiat world. Apparently, it can function as a standalone solution or as an extension of Ripple’s cross-border payments solution, leveraging its global network to provide partners access to payout rails worldwide. The platform aims to source digital assets from the broader crypto market easily and efficiently, making it frictionless for businesses looking to enhance liquidity and support end-customers interested in buying, selling, or holding crypto.

Brad Chase, Head of Liquidity Products at Ripple, said that Liquidity Hub combines ease of use, powerful payment integrations, cost savings, and more into a single, scalable enterprise-grade platform. The solution is designed to leverage smart order routing to source a variety of digital assets at optimized prices across multiple liquidity venues, such as market makers, exchanges, and OTC desks.

Ripple goes on to claim that Liquidity Hub reduces the need for businesses to pre-fund capital positions, freeing up previously trapped capital for other purposes. It also says that this solution promises to eliminate complex liquidity management by allowing businesses to access digital assets all in one place, with an intuitive dashboard for managing, trading, and reporting transactions.

In short, if Ripple is right, Ripple Liquidity Hub is a purpose-built platform for enterprises that offers a critical business advantage in a crypto-first future.

A report by Cointelegraph published earlier today correctly points out that “the product launch finds no mention of XRP” even though “XRP was mentioned among digital assets in the company’s pilot phase.” Cointelegraph believes that the omission of XRP from the liquidity pairs “could be attributed to the company’s ongoing court battle in the U.S. with the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Crypto analyst and influencer “Crypto Eri,” who hosts the highly popular YouTube channel of the same name, took a more detailed look at this glaring omission in today’s show: