Here is some exciting news for Cardano NFT collectors: Eikonikos’ AVRA Collection is coming soon, featuring exclusive wearable NFT clothing.

Eikonikos, a Cardano-based metaverse startup, is expected to release its AVRA Collection soon. The collection reportedly comprises 3,248 unique wearable NFT clothing items, exclusively available for Eikonikos Metaverse Avatar NFT holders.

Since the launch of Eikonikos Genesis Passports in May 2022, the company claims to have consistently delivered on its promises to the Cardano NFT community. Eikonikos has become the first Cardano Metaverse to release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5.

The startup’s mint event garnered attention from the Cardano NFT audience, and the team continued to deliver on its commitments. In just six months following the initial release, they distributed a series of NFTs with an in-game utility to holders, including hoodies, yachts, pegasus, and PFP collections.

Eikonikos introduced the Sokinoki App at the beginning of 2023, serving as the gateway to their metaverse. More recently, in February, they launched the Beta version of their virtual planet, which includes three different areas of the world map: the Grand Frontier, the Eikodium, and the Iris Sleeping Pod.

The forthcoming AVRA Collection is being marketed as an innovative addition to the Eikonikos ecosystem, with both in-game and real-life utilities. Users will benefit from well-being sessions and be eligible to claim land on AVRA Island, among other perks.

The AVRA Collection is the brainchild of renowned fashionista and well-being coach Aiisha Ramadan. It features exclusive, limited-edition clothing inspired by various aspects of life, including chakras, Yin Yang, Kundalini, the Sun, and the Moon.

Aiisha Ramadan reportedly drew inspiration for the collection during a silent retreat in Nepal, stating that the designs reflect “a symbiotic result of the state of mind and infinite possibilities.”

The AVRA Collection, once launched, is expected to offer holders various exclusive benefits, such as land plots in AVRA Island, mystery boxes containing gear and weapons, access to the AVRA game, exclusive entry to the AVRA Studio for well-being sessions, staking in the Eikonikos Pool, and AVRA DAO membership.

Eikonikos is planning a significant event at their Eikodium to unveil the collection, marking the premiere of Amphitheatre events and the inauguration of metaverse access through web browsers. Users are advised to stay tuned to Eikonikos’ social media channels and connect their passports to the Sokinoki app to experience The Other Planet experience fully.

Eikonikos positions itself as one of the first and fastest-growing major metaverse companies built on the Cardano blockchain, aiming to integrate every human touchpoint disruptively. The company envisions top brands, media, and entertainment industries interacting with users and testing their innovations and projects in various sectors, including e-commerce, gaming, learning, socializing, dating, and more.