The latest Cardano ($ADA) network statistics have just been released, and they paint a bullish picture of the platform’s progress.

Input Output Global (IOG), the organization behind Cardano’s research and development, recently shared its weekly development report for the week ending on Friday, April 21, 2023.

Here’s a simplified overview of the key updates:

Core Technology: The networking team released io-sim and five other packages to Hackage, while the consensus team worked on an improved DB lock mechanism for UTXO-HD. On the Ouroboros Genesis front, the team identified a performance sink in the fragment size calculation in BlockFetch and began investigating a performance fix.

Wallets and Services: The Lace team is improving the application’s code and UI, addressing the CIP-30 error handling issue, and adding a feature to manage multiple DApps easily. The Adrestia team released an update for cardano-wallet, which includes new endpoints for shared wallets, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Smart Contracts: The Plutus tools team focused on testing for Marconi indexers, making the MintBurn indexer available for querying in the HTTP server, and adding better support for logging in the standalone emulator. The Marlowe team added integration tests for ApplyInputs, state pretty-print choices, and bindings in the Marlowe Explorer prototype, as well as property-based tests.

Basho (Scaling): The Hydra team worked on smoke test improvements, fixing developer tooling, and enhancing the API for voting use cases. The Mithril team released a new 2315.0 distribution that implements the first migration of the aggregator stores and made progress on the new certifier service of the aggregator.

Voltaire: To facilitate community discussions on governance, Cardano invites community leaders and groups to run their workshops on CIP-1694. Financial support is available for those interested in hosting a workshop.

Catalyst: The Ariob incubator program, launched earlier this year in collaboration with Iceaddis, completed its initial cohort. Ariob helped eight early-stage ventures refine their businesses and prepare for presentations to pitch for further funding or collaboration opportunities.

The report unveiled a striking infographic that captured the ecosystem’s remarkable growth and achievements. The platform has seen the launch of 124 projects, the creation of over 8.15 million native tokens, and 7,783 Plutus scripts in action. Additionally, 1,227 projects are actively building on Cardano, while the network has processed an impressive 65 million transactions.

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