On Tuesday (April 11), Input Output Global (IOG), the blockchain technology firm behind Cardano’s R&D, announced the launch of Lace 1.0, their premier light wallet platform for the Cardano mainnet.

According to IOG’s blog post, With Lace 1.0, users can seamlessly transact various Cardano digital assets, including $ADA, Cardano NFTs, and Cardano native tokens. The platform also allows users to stake $ADA to help secure the Cardano network and earn rewards for their participation. One of the key features introduced is the “bundle transaction” capability, which enables users to send an array of assets to multiple addresses in a single transaction while incurring only one transaction fee. Lace 1.0 provides hardware wallet integration for enhanced security and effortless connectivity to NFT marketplaces, DApps, and DeFi services via the DApp connector.

To get started, users can visit lace.io and click the ‘Add to browser’ button to add the Lace 1.0 extension to their Google Chrome browser.

Lace 1.0 is only the initial release, and users can expect a series of regular updates and improvements as the platform evolves. The Lace team is already working on developing a DApp Store, a desktop app, and digital identity solutions. Additionally, plans for fiat on/off ramps, in-wallet swaps, an enhanced staking experience with multi-delegation, and a portfolio view are in the works.

The Lace light wallet platform’s browser extension is only available on the Chrome web store, and the official Lace website is www.lace.io. IOG says that users should be cautious of scams and report any suspicious apps or websites to the Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau.

Notable features of Lace 1.0 include:

  • Hardware wallet integration for added security, with compatibility for Ledger Nano S, Nano S+, and Nano X.
  • Independent audit and manual verification by external auditor FYEO, ensuring improved code quality and security.
  • A gallery for viewing and storing Cardano NFTs, with the ability to send them to other wallets or access marketplaces to browse and purchase Cardano NFTs.
  • Exploration of stake pools on Cardano, enabling users to delegate and stake their $ADA to receive rewards for network participation.
  • The Lace DApp connector facilitates fast and easy access to Web3, connecting to Cardano DApps with a single wallet and allowing $ADA usage on DEXs, DeFi services, and NFT marketplaces.
  • An address book feature for saving frequently used wallet addresses and accessing them with just a few clicks.
  • The “bundle feature” allows users to send different types of assets to multiple users in one transaction, with only one transaction fee, helping to reduce network congestion and maintain fast, seamless transactions.
Source: IOG