On Thursday (March 23), Ripple President Monica Long recently spoke with CNBC International TV at Paris Blockchain Week 2023, discussing the ongoing SEC lawsuit, the company’s global expansion, and the growth of its payment network.

Long conveyed optimism about the lawsuit’s resolution, stating that the facts and the law support Ripple’s case. She also highlighted the contrast between European countries’ unified approach to crypto regulation and the United States’ struggle to establish a clear regulatory framework.

Long praised Europe for setting clear regulations and creating an environment that allows both crypto and traditional finance companies to thrive. She cited MiCA, a common regulatory framework established by 27 European countries, as an example of successful collaboration. In contrast, she pointed out the difficulties faced by the U.S. in creating a cohesive regulatory system.

Ripple’s global presence continues to grow, with its London hub serving as the company’s main focus for expansion. Long revealed that last quarter, 75% of the payment flows for Ripple’s flagship product were outside the U.S. The company is currently hiring through its London office and expanding its payment network throughout Europe.

Long also noted the company’s strong performance in Q1, with continued growth and new customer interest.