Bali, Indonesia, March, 16 – Real estate investment has always been one of the most reliable and lucrative investment options. However, the high barrier to entry, illiquidity, and lack of transparency in the traditional real estate investment model has made it inaccessible to many investors. Real estate tokenization, a solution to these problems, is gaining popularity as a new trend in the blockchain industry.

Cofund presents real estate tokenization as an innovative solution to the challenges of traditional real estate investment. Tokenization refers to the process of creating digital tokens that represent a fraction of ownership in a property. These tokens can then be traded on blockchain-based platforms, offering benefits that traditional real estate investment models cannot match.

Real estate tokenization offers several benefits to both property owners and investors. For property owners, it allows them to easily divide their property into smaller fractional ownership units, making it accessible to a wider pool of investors. This increases the liquidity of the property, as the tokens can be easily traded on the blockchain, offering a flexible and efficient way of raising capital. Investors, on the other hand, benefit from increased accessibility, transparency, and liquidity. They can invest in real estate with smaller amounts of capital, reducing the high barrier to entry. Tokenization also provides investors with increased transparency and security, as all transactions are recorded on a secure blockchain network, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Real estate tokenization also has the potential to unlock value in traditionally illiquid real estate assets, such as commercial properties, allowing investors to benefit from capital appreciation and income streams.

Cofund is proud to be one of the first companies to create a fully legit and compliant company to tokenize real estate. The company’s legal framework is based on a registered Switzerland structure, offering tokens to institutional and qualified investors who have passed a KYC system. Cofund’s tokenized real estate investments provide a secure and accessible way for investors to participate in real estate ownership, unlocking new possibilities for investors and property owners alike.

The project’s legal framework guarantees its legitimacy and compliance. The CoFund’s first project involves the purchase of a valuable four-star hotel in Bali, which will be owned by a special purpose company (SPC) registered in Bali. The SPC will fully comply with the local laws and regulations in Bali, ensuring the transparency and legitimacy of the investment. The shares of the SPC will be 100% owned by a limited liability company (LLC) registered in Switzerland, which will manage the investment and distribute the passive income to the shareholders. The shares of the LLC will be tokenized and offered to the investors in the CoFund project, who can buy them by investing any amount starting from $1,000. The blockchain will record the ownership of the share tokens, which can be traded on the CoFund platform.

About CoFund:

CoFund is a forward-thinking company that aims to revolutionize the real estate investment landscape with its innovative approach. The company is committed to making real estate investment more accessible to a broader range of investors through real estate tokenization, a new and innovative investment opportunity made possible by blockchain technology. CoFund is dedicated to providing investment opportunities that offer numerous benefits over traditional real estate investing, such as fractional ownership, liquidity, transparency, lower barriers to entry, diversification, and high potential returns.

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