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Crypto firm and earn marketplace is excited to announce the start of a new initiative, NFT Token Offering (NTO). By launching NTO Collection sets out to introduce new mechanics that will fundamentally change the distribution market for tokens and NFTs.

NTO is a new type of token distribution that introduces a new asset class concept – overcollateralized NFTs. Each NFT offered via NTO is backed by the company’s native CHO tokens that are already actively traded on exchanges. This means that each NFT has actual value behind it. In addition to the tokens, a large number of gifts and prizes, whereby the prize pool is $5 million, are hidden in NFTs. is a leading earning marketplace that has been around since 2017. It offers a unified ecosystem where people can easily find and make use of various financial solutions to earn on their digital assets. This allows clients the chance to select the most promising products and enjoy high returns from their investments without having to delve too deep into technical details.

Now sets out to change the distribution market for tokens and NFTs.  The Chobies NTO Collection is the first in the upcoming line of NTO products. It embodies an interesting trend that might pick up in the crypto market over time. 

Choby NFTs come with a lot of features – almost a quarter of them come with perks. For example, users can win from 25 to 100,000 USDT in Choby NFTs or get cashback of up to 100%. Users also have a chance to get one of’s plastic and metal crypto cards inside a Choby NFT. Also, over 30 million CHO tokens have a 0-12 months lockup period, and vesting period is 0-36 months. However, you can mint a Choby NFT with a shorter or no period at all.

The NTO launch will be taking place in 6 stages, and the amount of offered NFTs will grow with each of them. Minting an NFT starts at $150 and grows at each stage by $50. Users can mint a Choby NFT, with thousands of CHO tokens inside. Notably, 1000 CHO cost $850 at the time of writing. 

Until now the value of NFTs was hard to assess, and their price could fluctuate wildly as a result. With Chobies, investors acquire NFTs that are backed by tokens with real value. Monitoring the rate of CHO allows them to estimate the viability of their investments. In the long term, this can become a great way for companies to expand their operations and grow their shareholder base.

NFTs represent a good tool for the tokenization of various creative and financial assets. And NTO can help establish a new industry standard where companies with good tokenomics can raise the necessary funds to develop their own products while catering to the desires of market players. As a result, everyone stands to benefit. 

Visit the website for more information on how to take part in this exciting opportunity here.

About is a crypto firm that combines the best of the CeFi and DeFi worlds. is the evolution of Crypterium, serving over 750,000 registered users and with a $1 billion 12-month turnover. With the recent rebrand, the company seeks to offer its clients the most profitable and exciting opportunities to earn on crypto via centralised and decentralised finance solutions alike.

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