Miami, US, 1st December, 2022, Chainwire

Jelly Shelly Welly (‘JSW’), a Profile Picture (‘PFP’) NFT collection that will pioneer the jelly aesthetic, and is committed to a social good ethos, has dropped its first short movie. 

The new short movie introduces a virtual world emerging from the shroud of darkness,  classical music serenades the dawning of a new age as rain parts and sun heralds, a moment where the full force of nature is restored and allowed to flourish once again. Then suddenly a feisty and determined rocket ship on a mission to the moon tries to break through a kaleidoscopic rainbow but when it finally succeeds the powerful and vibrant precious cargo falls back down to the ground and releases a community of revelers called the Jelly Shelly Welly or JSWs that is all about the good times and living in a euphoric state of mind. Set to a progressive house dj set – the revelers create Jellyverse a new land of opportunity, a safe haven for those that have been craving inclusivity in IRL. 

The Jelly Shelly Welly (‘JSW’) Series will bring a fresh, playful and distinct aesthetic to the metaverse, with animated interpretations of jelly sweets slated to become the next-generation of exclusive and iconic online avatars. The project has gained the support of several prominent web3 tastemakers including mega-influencer turned fashion creator gmoney

Commenting on the campaign, djelly.eth (who has chosen to remain anonymous) said: “We are delighted to launch our first campaign movie to capture the playful essence and spirit of the JSW movement. In a world fraught with uncertainty, division and a rapidly changing society, we should not take ourselves too seriously. JSW is all about expression, freedom and most importantly having fun. We want to send a message of love and support to anyone feeling marginalized right now to let the World know that there is a new community in Web3 where everyone is welcome.”

The Drop

The 9,900-piece collection will feature a signature jelly style for each individualized utility-enabled PFP NFT. The semblance of each NFT will be randomly generated with 300 richly distinctive attributes to guarantee the uniqueness of each Jelly. The collection will consist of ‘Flavored Jellyz’, ‘Rainbow Jellyz’, and ‘Crystal Jellyz’ – the most rare and exclusive tier of these limited-edition digital collectibles. 

Up to 9,400 editions will be launched in the Flavored tier, around 400 in the Rainbow tier, and a highly coveted rare edition in the Crystal tier. At purchase, Hodlers are granted the intellectual property ownership and license to use the art associated with their own JSW NFT as they wish.  

A free mint raffle is now open, which will allow a select group of 100 lucky partners early access to the Jelly mint through

Creating a community of hope, prosperity and purpose

JSW NFTs will seek to have an impact far beyond the digital art space. JSW has already received collaboration interest from popular gaming platform and is actively exploring other arenas in which it can create enriched experiences for holders. The mission behind the project is to create a paradigm in which NFTs can act as a force for social, environmental and economic empowerment. JSW is committed to environmental protection and will partner with Aerial to secure carbon neutrality for the entirety of the collection’s transaction activity. 

JSW has been created to explore and evolve concepts of community ownership in an ambitious project that will span the art, music and fashion spaces, with a focus on initiatives that best support environmental stewardship. All NFT hodlers will be part of the DAO. All ventures will be carried out on a strategic basis and the decision-making process will be grounded in the principles of decentralized governance: 1 JSW NFT = 1 vote.

About JellyShelly Welly
The Jellyverse collection is the brainchild of two high-profile figures in the luxury fashion, music and entertainment space who for the time being will remain anonymous under the monikers djelly.eth and the ozauro.eth


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