On Friday (16 December 2022), popular crypto market analysis show Coin Bureau took a closer look at smart contracts platform Cardano ($ADA).

In a video update released yesterday, the show’s host told the Coin Bureau YouTube channel’s over two million subscribers:

Although $ADA is likely to continue declining until we hit the true bear market bottom, its long-term performance ultimately depends on Cardano’s upcoming milestones

Cardano has a few issues to sort out, but hey, every single crypto project does. Conflicts between crypto projects are part and parcel of a bear market, and Cardano has never rushed its ecosystem growth. Cardano is also decentralized by almost every metric; so it should should be safe from the SEC. 

Even so, these concerns are important because the last thing you want is to be caught off guard. If Cardano survives all the crypto and macro factors over the coming months, then I will consider adding $ADA back to my crypto portfolio.

In a recent interview, Jerry Fragiskatos, Chief Commercial Officer at Input Output Global (“IOG), the blockchain technology firm responsible for the development of Cardano, explained what makes Cardano different from many other blockchain projects.

According to a report by The Daily Hodl, Fragiskatos made his comments during an episode of Scott Melker’s podcast that was released 12 days ago.

Fragiskatos said:

Another big differentiator of Cardano is that there are not many insiders. If you look at the distribution of ownership of ADA, it’s primarily individuals. There are very few whales, very few insiders. There were no VCs that took 30%,40%, 50% of it. So that’s another very different thing, which again, just comes from the mission vision and cascades down. The VCs [who are] like, Where’s my ROI next year? Sorry, where’s my ROI next quarter? If it’s not there, they’ll say it’s a ghost chain. Plus they are also paid off by our competitors. And they’re also incentivized to create that FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt].

I think time will tell, and I think we’re taking the right approach. And I think we will be one of the ones that come out the other side of this, including some of the more you know, do things quickly and break fast.

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