Copenhagen, Denmark, 15th November, 2022, Chainwire

Web3 project Drivn has launched an NFT as part of its efforts to support sustainable travel. The non-fungible token forms part of Drivn’s ecosystem for driving sustainable behavioral change.

Drivn is on a mission to incentivize low-carbon travel by using tokenization to reward more sustainable choices. These include cycling, driving an electric vehicle, or using an e-scooter. Individuals who elect to make less carbon-intensive travel choices will be eligible for rewards.

Transportation has a significant impact on sustainability, health, inequality, and climate change. Decisions made by one person may have a large and broad-ranging impact on others. Changing these behaviors is a difficult undertaking, but the Drivn team believes blockchain is an ideal mechanism for “nudging” people toward making greener choices.

Drivn’s vision is to build a financial ecosystem for the sustainable transport market. Within this world, cycling or driving an electric car can earn anyone an income.

Drivn Founder and CTO Sebastian Herche said: “Drivn utilizes a range of methods, including NFTs and utility tokens, to incentivize the use of sustainable means of transport. Drivn is a movement for those who are driven to make our planet a cleaner, safer and better place.”

He added: “We’re helping to build the transport infrastructure for new smart cities where sustainable travel is encouraged. Through intelligent behavioral change interventions, we can direct users towards using low-carbon travel modes. We feel this is a big step towards a better future.”

About Drivn

Drivn is a behavioral change ecosystem for sustainability. It uses NFTs and token rewards to encourage greener travel behavior, prioritizing low-carbon options such as electric vehicles, cycling, and e-scooters.

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