SeatlabNFT has announced their $SEAT token will be available to trade on Ref Finance from the 27th of October 2022.

SeatlabNFT are looking to redefine the event ticketing experience for fans and artists alike with their innovative NFT ticketing marketplace. Built on the climate-neutral NEAR Protocol blockchain, their platform will eliminate ticket fraud and significantly reduce the impact of scalping through smart contracts governing NFT tickets.

Scalping and fraud are still rife in the event ticketing industry, and NFT technology is a logical solution to these problems because of the traceability and authenticity provided by blockchains.

Providing artists with a fraud-proof ticketing platform and control over the secondary market is only part of the SeatlabNFT plan. Their NFT ticketing marketplace also uses a tiered token utility to create a rewards system for those holding $SEAT. Fans holding $SEAT will be entitled to a booking fee reduction, access to an exclusive Rewards Centre where they can claim free perks and products, and they will also have the opportunity to stake their $SEAT to earn staking rewards funded by 2.5% of all platform revenue.

SeatlabNFT aims to provide an NFT ticketing system that serves the live events community by creating a closer connection between artists and the fans they love. Using Web3, SeatlabNFT allows artists and event creators to take advantage of NFT airdrops to extend and enhance the fan experience.

There is currently little additional utility provided by Web2 ticketing platforms, and Web3 has the opportunity to change this. With fraud-proof ticketing, control over the secondary market and full NFT functionality, SeatlabNFT is well-positioned to seriously disrupt the event ticketing industry.

In addition to the trading launch of their $SEAT token on 27th October, the company is looking ahead to this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, where they will host an exclusive party to showcase their NFT ticketing platform. The team behind SeatlabNFT has decades of combined experience in the live events industry, and using their contacts they have several more big-name collaborations lined up to showcase their product.

To celebrate the token launch on Ref Finance, SeatlabNFT are creating a yield farm where anybody can deposit liquidity in exchange for LP tokens that can then be staked in the farm to earn massive rewards paid out in $SEAT. For more information, click here.

Save the date: $SEAT trading goes live on Ref Finance on October 27th.