Last week, the owner and operator of Shamrock Cardano Staking Pool, asked the Cardano community on Twitter if they believed that the $ADA price could one day hit $10.

Here were some of the more interesting replies:

  • @CryptoIRELAND1: “Regulations not that I’m all for it but when it happens and it will the floodgates will open with huge institutional inflows 10s of trillions will enter
  • @neoinair: “It will for sure… it prob might take 10yrs, but that’s fine… no traditional asset or interest would ever beat that investment. I’m in since 2017… and I’ve got no problem HODL-ing on…
  • @MyGoalisBASE: “No one knows.. how many pundits were calling for a $10 ADA by the end of last year? That didn’t quite work out. It is better to strap and see where this roller coaster takes us
  • @rdmginvest: “Maybe in 2 or 3 years from now

Last Monday (October 3), Dan Gambardello, Founder of Crypto Capital Venture, as well as the host of the very popular YouTube channel “Crypto Capital Venture”, gave his long-term price target for Cardano ($ADA). Gambardello, who has long been a huge fan of Cardano and is a respected member of the Cardano community, told his over 235K Twitter followers that he could see the $ADA price hitting $15 in the long term:

On October 5, he released a YouTube, in which he spoke about his “clear vision” for Cardano and his long-term price target for $ADA:

On October 6, Cardano Foundation delivered good news for $ADA HODLers in the form of the latest monthly on-chain stats for Cardano.

Cardano Foundation sent out a tweet to its over 852K followers that showed how the number of native tokens, the number of wallets, the number of Plutus scripts, the number of transactions, the number of delegated wallets, and the number of policies had all gone up in September 2022:

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