Polarys, the new exciting Web3 venture that aims to bring utility NFTs to everyday businesses, has launched its innovative multi-chain minting engine, and the team is in the process of minting its Genesis utility NFT collection. This exclusive and once only minted collection will remain for sale until August 31, 2022. Any unsold NFTs will be burned after that date.

Unlike other NFT collections that focus on quick gains and asset flipping, Polarys takes a different approach. The project is designed to facilitate the creation of utility NFTs, enabling NFT holders to access various tangible rewards. Moreover, Polarys wants to streamline the onboarding process, improve customer relationship management, find new ways to engage community members and establish new revenue streams for brands and creators.

To that end, the team has been diligently building a multi-chain minting engine. It will play a key role in simplifying the Web3 onboarding process for Web2 users, businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs. The multi-chain minting engine is one of three core products to be built on the Metis Andromeda chain. Other future tools include a 100% utility NFT-focused marketplace and a one-click wallet.

The current main focus is Polarys Genesis NFT mint, which runs until August 31, 2022. Holders of this NFT collection will receive tangible rewards, including an airdrop of 25,000 POLAR tokens, valued at $1,000 (at listing price). The Genesis collection is available for $300 USDC per NFT, with a maximum supply of 2,500 units. Any remaining NFTs after 31st of August will be burned.

Other rewards Polarys Genesis NFT holders can look forward to including:

  • Whitelisting for all campaigns launching on the Polarys platform
  • Access to the private token sale
  • Exclusive PolarysDAC access
  • Exclusive access to the NFT holders-only Discord channel
  • Discounts and cashback from partner projects. 

Polarys CEO Selin Suntay adds:

“We believe we need to provide traditional Web2 businesses with a trusted and easy marketplace focused on utility NFTs, with end-to-end support, from easy onboarding to reward & invoice management.”

Make sure to check out the Polarys Genesis NFT mint and reap the rewards from picking one up before the POLAR utility token airdrop!

About Polarys

At Polarys, the company sees the immense value of community and the power it has for everyday businesses and creators to connect to their audience. Ther team is bringing Web3 to modern-day businesses by transforming the way they drive customer loyalty, engagement, and retention by unlocking the power of community with NFTs. Community-Led companies are the future.

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