On Tuesday (August 2), blockchain startup dcSpark announced an important update to the iOS version of its lightweight and user-friendly wallet for Cardano.

In case you are wondering what dcSpark does, according to its development team, the main goals are to:

  • “Extend Blockchain Protocol Layers”
  • “Implement First-Class Ecosystem Tooling”
  • “Develop and Release User-Facing Apps”

The firm was co-founded in April 2021 by Nicolas Arqueros, Sebastien Guillemot, and Robert Kornacki. 

dcSpark is best-known in the Cardano community for its sidechain project Milkomeda. On March 28, the Milkomeda Foundation announced the launch of Milkomeda C1, which “enables Ethereum dApps to be deployed in the Cardano ecosystem.” 

dcSpark’s light wallet for Cardano is called “Flint Wallet“, and below its features are listed:

source: dcSpark

Flint Wallet first became widely available — on 27 January 2022 — as a browser extension on the Chrome Web Store:

Since it came from the same firm that is working on the Milkomeda project, Flint Wallet had native support for the Milkomeda C1 sidechain (which had its mainnet launch on 28 March 2022) right from the beginning:

The mobile version of Flint Wallet is available for both iOS and Android. Version 1.0 of the iOS app was released on 5 May 2022.

Source: iOS App Store (Version History for Flint Wallet App)

Yesterday, dcSpark announced the release of version 1.15.1 of Flint Wallet for iOS, and said that it has a DApp browser (which will in future also get added to the Android version of Flint Wallet):

dcSpark went on to say that “the two most important features in this update are the dApp browser, and you can now go directly to the Milkomeda wrap/unwarp transactions in the Bridge from the transaction’s link in Flint!”