Exodus is a top-tier crypto software platform that operates on a user-friendly, decentralized mode of cryptocurrency exchange. This non-custodial Crypto wallet has announced on 23rd November 2021 in its partnership with SportX. SportX is an online platform for sports and crypto betting. This platform enables users to bet on esports games by following smart contract protocols carried out on the Polygon Network.

What are the Perks in this Partnership?

This partnership will allow users of Exodus wallet to also access the services provided by SportX. Exodus wallet users can now wager on a collection of Esports famous worldwide in cryptocurrency. This integration of the two platforms creates conjunction and interflow of the two kinds of users. This also makes wagering decentralized and transactions are made more secure. The least bet amount is set at $5, which when converted into USD Coin, can be sent to the Exodus wallet or can be exchanged from any of the 138 decentralized money supported by Exodus.

By making use of the smart blockchain contract, all currency exchanges are made secure and payments are done on time. The platform covers any transaction fee involved.
The SportX app is not available for installation with the upgraded feature of Exodus Wallet’s mobile and desktop app. All the congruent betting laws are now available in the SportX app.   

JP Richardson, Exodus’ chief executive and co-founder said, “Many sports and eSports fans are already such a big part of the global DeFi community, it seemed an obvious next step to bring them together in a single experience,” He also states, “With stellar user experience a core part of Exodus’ DNA, SportX was an ideal partner to help us expand into the sports betting arena and further our mission to empower people to control their own wealth.”

About SportX

SportX enables people from all over the world to wager on the outcomes of popular sports and esports available worldwide. Presently, SportX is legal for usage in South America, Canada, most of Asia and most of Europe other than France and the Netherlands. On this platform, eSports refers to all multiplayer video games. These games are usually played in a competitive mode in front of an audience. Across the years, the multiplayer video game industry has boomed into a billion-dollar market, with bigshot mainstream game software developers such as Halo stepping foot into the market.

With the permanent collaboration, now SportX interconnects with credit card online gambling sites at NonStopCasino as well as cryptocurrency and eSports betting. The transactions are made more secure by using protocols of smart contracts. This system enables all the funds to be protected and payouts to be credited on time via the Polygon network.

About Exodus

First launched in 2015, Exodus wallet is considered a leading cryptocurrency software wallet that prioritizes easy, quick, safe exchange of digital currencies and safekeeping of crypto assets. Exodus’ mission is to offer the majority part of the world to get rid of slow, inconvenient conventional currencies and payment modes by 2030. This wallet can be found in both mobile and desktop modes. Exodus enables users to exchange crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others in a safe way. This decentralized operative mode is encrypted in the consumers’ private devices. Exodus does not claim ownership of the private keys of the users. Rather it ensures that the users have full control over their assets.

How Does This Partnership Affect the Relationship between the Two Domains – Cryptocurrency and Esports?

The relationship between Esports and Cryptocurrency is in its embryonic stage. This partnership has ensured the formation of a special connection between these two platforms. Both domains employ demographics akin to each other. Even both of their technologies are universal. So, this suggests a sustained integration of the two domains.

The funding of gaming, known as GameFi, can be expected to offer a new and good future for the Esports market as well. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency trading keeps expanding its reach in the eSports industry via podcasts, with FTX spearheading the mission.

Concluding Thoughts

A new peer-to-peer betting interface is going to be introduced with the partnership between SX and Exodus. This feature will allow anyone to research and qualify as a market maker. This also allows them to create good odds and have a great reach across all markets. This partnership is thus not only rewarding for both the domains but also for the consumers gaining access to the services of both platforms.