Bitcoin user and enthusiast Eugenio says he was able to go on a vacation across Costa Rica without spending any fiat. 

According to a report by Cointelegraph, Eugenio, a Costan Rican native and “Bitcoin maximalist,” was able to leverage the adoption of crypto in his country to fund his vacation entirely in $BTC. 

Eugenio told the outlet that he was able to pay for his holiday experience solely on $BTC, aside from one experience. 

He said, 

The only fiat I had to use was filling the tank [of the car] before departing. 

Eugenio documented his experience on Twitter, saying that he was able to vacation to the towns of Uvita, Dominical, and Ojochal using Bitcoin.

Eugenio detailed a number of visits across the country, including interactions with merchants. According to the Costa Rican native, many of the places he visited were happy to accept $BTC for payment and even asked whether he wanted to “pay with Lightning or on-chain”.

Eugenio told Cointelegraph he was inspired to help crypto adoption and to show that anyone could vacation in those towns solely on $BTC. He called the experience both convenient and fun. He also mentioned that using the Lightning Network (such as when paying for his sister’s gelato while on the beach) was a seamless experience.

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Featured Image by kiwibu via Pixabay