In a recent interview, Australian tech entrepreneur Fred Schebesta, who is co-founder and CEO of personal finance comparison website, said that he considering selling his waterfront luxury apartment in Sydney to buy more Bitcoin.

According to a report by Olivia Day for Daily Mail Australia published on Sunday (July 24), “Australia’s Crypto King” said during an interview with the Daily Telegraph Australia last month that if the price of Bitcoin fell below $10,000, he would be unable to resit the temptation to sell his penthouse apartment — which is just 300m from Tamarama beach — to get his hands on more $BTC.

Schebesta had this to say about the property:

You can walk just 300m and you’re in the action, but you’re also living in a quiet pocket. Tama is peaceful, I looked at Bondi but it was too noisy for me… I wanted a place that mixed that Bondi lifestyle with the quietness of Tama...

You get out of your car, hop into the lift, press the penthouse level and if gives you direct access to your living space, which then extends through to the incredible views and the oversized balcony, not to mention your own private pool.

The lifestyle the apartment offers is incredible, five minutes from everything, and when you’re home, you have this private and peaceful residence set overlooking Tamarama beach.

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In a report about this interview, the 39-year-old multi-millionaire is quoted as saying this about Bitcoin:

I’d sell a property to do it… If bitcoin was $US12,000 you are going to see a lot of buyers… All the sellers will have been flushed out. There will be no-one left to sell… You have more potential to go up than down from here.

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