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$RUBY, a recently-launched BEP20 token, is a digital currency used for p2e gaming. The $RUBY is the token for its unique play-to-earn-as-a-service platform, that provides game developers the ability to reward user loyalty, and allows users to earn whilst playing the games they love.

With the Ruby Play Network, game developers quickly and easily extend their value to their communities, and gamers earn crypto while playing their favorite traditional online games in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 environments. It pays to play on the Ruby Play Network, where players are rewarded for their engagement and loyalty in $RUBY.

From a platform perspective, the Ruby Play Network looks to utilize its innovative adoption mining concept, whereby gaming communities are onboarded to the network – and $RUBYs are made available to those respective games from a locked project wallet.  As the ecosystem expands through partnerships and alliances, the $RUBY token reach also increases. With every game developer or platform onboarded – the respective players are then pooled in to the Ruby Play Network, and eventually become $RUBY wallet holders

The $RUBY Token & Its Tokenomics explained

$RUBY was created and deployed on the Binance Chain, and reciprocally received funding from the Binance Chain Accelerator fund – with Binance Investment Holdings also going onto invest in the ultimate company. There is a total max supply of 9 billion $RUBY tokens, which went on sale to the public on exchanges such as Bitrue and several others from mid-March of this year.

Seed round funding, strategic and private rounds accounted for 18% of allocated 9 million supply, with 40% locked away for ongoing adoption mining in the form of rewards distributed to gaming platforms. 15% was allocated to team and founders, 7% to advisors, 3% liquidity, 9.5% to strategic partnerships, 5% to community bonus and rewards, 2% in a live treasury of rewards and 0.5% to the previously-conducted public sale.  The seed, strategic and private round sales have vesting periods of 12 months, with team tokens having a vesting period of 5 years.

For Players

The token itself can be used two-fold. By developers to reward their user base and drive further spend and retention, whilst users of games can be rewarded for game time in addition to any potential wins collated on a gaming platform. With its 0% taxation, a rarity for BSC projects, the token represents a viable option for payment on crypto gaming platforms – perhaps even saving players in costs vs traditional payment methods and card merchanting fees.

Whilst providing a genuine cost-saving and more rewarding alternative to traditional gaming models, the player is given interoperability on their rewards too. The current landscape sees ingame currencies locked within that particular platform or store, however with $RUBY, the player has all options available as to how they spend their rewards, and what medium they choose to spend or exchange them through.

For Game Developers

The ability to drive further spend towards player retention and even promoting, since many users on platforms for extended amounts of time invite others naturally, exists for developers who build on Ruby Play Network.

By gaining access to the overall adoption mining allocation in such a potentially paramount aspect of the game development process – rewarding customers to encourage engagement, Ruby Play Network demonstrates in action that they are partnered with developers on the network and actively interested, and directly contributing to their success. A rewarding experience for developers and their players exists in the gaming platform ecosystem in this way.

The Current $RUBY Market

The $RUBY token is available on multiple decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges. The $RUBY token is currently available on popular DEXs Apeswap, PancakeSwap and ACY Finance. The Jungle Farm LP farming portal on Apeswap also enables individuals to engage in LP staking where $RUBY is paired together with BNB to provide liquidity in the AMM (Automated Market Maker) liquidity design.

As for the centralized exchanges that currently offer the $RUBY gaming coin, there are 2. $RUBY is currently available for trade on CEXs Bitrue and Coinsbit, for traders to purchase through a centralized cryptocurrency platform. Coinsbit offers $RUBY paired with USDT, for trade ability directly with the stablecoin.

Latest blockchain gaming partnerships

Strawberry sweeps is a cryptocurrency social casino featuring an option to engage in classic casino games. Individuals choose to play for fun by purchasing any one of several coin bundle packages available to choose from. Each bundle comes with a complimentary allotment of Strawberries, the native coin of the Strawberry ecosystem. This is so individuals are able to engage in live cryptocurrency play for a chance to win more Strawberries and cash in in BTC, Ethereum, USDT and BTC Lightning.

The other most recent blockchain gaming partnership announced was with the Loyal Royal sweepstakes and cryptocurrency casino platform. Loyal Royal features a wide variety of online slot style games, and was recently launched across the United States, in all but a few states.

Next steps for Ruby Play Network and the $RUBY

As gaming on the network and growth in platform user base continues to be perpetuated by $RUBY rewards for time and attention like in the classic P2E model, the ecosystem hopes to continue its productive mission to provide rewarding opportunities for game developers and their networks of users.

Information on Ruby Play Network and the $RUBY token can be regularly found on the project’s relevant social media platforms, as well as the Telegram community channel for the most up to date communications.




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