On Tuesday (April 5), Welly, the world’s first SHIB-themed restaurant, which is based in Naples, Italy, announced its future plans, such as burning $SHIB every time somebody makes a purchase via crypto payment process NOWPayments.

In a blog post published on February 2, pseudonymous Shiba Inu developer Shytoshi Kusama, said that “ShibArmy is on the march” and since and “all armies must have proper sustenance”, he was happy to announce a new partnership that is significant since it “solidifies Shib’s first step into IRL (in-real-life) projects.”

He then explained why the Shiba team chose not to partner with a much larger restaurant chain:

“As I said in discord, we don’t really want to partner with the huge centralized conglomerates that are con-agriculture and known for selling ‘food’ that is harmful, subpar and possibly poisonous. Instead, we scoured the world for a new, and powerful team of restaurateurs that were willing to completely rebrand their organization to fit Shib’s ethos and technology stack. (More on this soon.)

Another reason is the agility of the brand. Welly’s is a ‘burger joint’ but we understand the importance of having vegetarian, vegan, and ‘healthy’ fast food options. Upon the opening of our flagship store, we will introduce more options to cater to these needs.

He also commented on how impressed by the speed that the Welly team had SHIBified their restaurant:

Moreover on agility, within 1 week, upon the partnershib being put into place, Welly’s was able to complete a full-rebrand of their store, including mascot, creating new eco-friendly packaging, and taking suggestions from yours truly about marketing, menu and strategy.

He went on to say that the Welly team is planning to “release multiple stores in 2022 and 2023.”

Well, earlier today (April 5), Welly published a blog post to inform the Shiba Inu community about the restaurant chain’s future plans.


Welly says:

Since releasing the form application to franchise on our website, we’ve received an enormous amount of requests, literally from all around the globe… we are currently selecting the most suitable application for the first ever franchise, which we plan on contracting on Q4 of 2022, followed by a wildfire of franchise openings throughout 2023.

Next Flagship Store

This store will be in “a worldwide recognised city” and is expected to launch in Q1 2023.

WellyFriends NFTs

This will be a collection of 10,000 unique 3D NFTs designed by Dubai-based artist Adrian San Vicente (@chico_rata on Twitter).

Welly says:

… there will be rewards & staking options for holders of each NFT, and through challenges involving the community, different NFTs chosen by the community will be used for our marketing campaigns, the Welly Meals, and on the packagings.

There will be a whitelist, which will represent “your right to purchase an NFT.” The purpose of this mechanism is to help Welly “fight bots and paper hands only looking for a quick profit.”

A “limited amount of minting spots” will be reserved for Shiboshi NFT and $LEASH token holders. There will be a private sale — just for these people — that will “take place before the whitelist spots release.”

Auto $SHIB Burn

As the result of a partnership with NowPayments, Welly will “automatically burn a % of SHIB on each payment made through now payments.” Welly assures the $SHIB community that they will “actively participate in the burn starting from NowPayments and through many other options.”


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