10.02.2022 in Crypto Space, major changes are in sight and active work is being done to create a decentralized platform that will return power back to the people.

Right now, millions of people are watching and searching for information about cryptocurrencies. Where? On the most centralized websites in crypto like data aggregators. Isn’t it contradictory in the crypto world that was made to be decentralized? And yet, these big boys are deciding on which information you’re going to see.

Beware, March 7th is around the corner and fair launch of the one of a kind Decentralized Crypto Data Research and Listing Platform – CryptoToday is scheduled.

CryptoToday is a listing platform, an aggregator, but it is truly decentralized as there are no big bosses in the office deciding what’s getting listed or which project fits the platform narrative. The idea behind CryptoToday is a vote2earn system run by the community for the community.

The crypto community will be able to link their wallets to the CryptoToday website and with that become a user of the aggregator, a Trooper. Troopers are the driving force of CryptoToday, a real decentralization, a democracy. Each project will be able to state its case and idea and the community will vote on its validity. If the vote passes, the project is listed.

The best thing is, your votes will earn you rewards in return as you are doing real work there, you’re ‘cleaning’ the crypto market from scams.

CryptoToday team decided to bring power back to the people.

The whole project is a joint effort of programmers, marketing experts, crypto investors, and the crypto community, and it will provide a safer and better future for the crypto world and you as a crypto investor, trader, creator.

You can check more about CryptoToday on their website and in the whitepaper. Also do not hesitate to follow them on:

Twitter: twitter.com/cryptotodaycom
Website & whitepaper: cryptotoday.com