This article looks at the benefits of owning the new Floki Inu ($FLOKI) gemstone NFTs and what you need to do to “earn” one of these NFTs.

What Are the New Floki Gemstone NFTS?

According to a blog post published by the Floki Inu team on Saturday (January 22), there are three types of new Floki gemstone NFTs on offer:

Aurum Gemstone of Truth NFT (“be excluded from fees when using FLOKI products” + “get a unique advantage in the Floki NFT Metaverse Valhalla”)

Diamond Mind Gemstone (all of the benefits of the Aurum Gemstone of Truth NFT + “be among the first set of people to get access to the FLOKI Debit Card when it launches”)

Ruby Heart Gemstone (all of the benefits of the Diamond Mind Gemstone NFT + “get airdropped a portion of future tokens that launch within the FLOKI ecosystem”)

How to Get the New Floki Gemstone NFTs

The Floki Inu team says that “you can only get these exclusive NFTs as *a reward* for being one of the first to buy (and hold!) FLOKI tokens on the upgraded contract when it becomes tradable — on either Uniswap or PancakeSwap.”

The Floki team pointed out that only those $FLOKI buys that occur on the upgraded FLOKI contract (which is FLOKI ETH: 0xcf0c122c6b73ff809c693db761e7baebe62b6a2e and FLOKI BSC: 0xfb5b838b6cfeedc2873ab27866079ac55363d37e) after 2 p.m. UTC on June 23 would qualify for these NFTs.

The most desirable of these new NFTs is, of course, the Ruby Heart Gemstone NFT (of which only 500 have been minted on Ethereum and 500 on Binance Smart Chain). Here is how much $FLOKI you need to buy to qualify:

  • Buy at least 2.5 ETH/18 BNB worth of FLOKI tokens within 24 hours of the upgraded contract being tradable AND hold your tokens for at least 96 hours.
  • If you hold a Genesis NFT OR if you haven’t sold any FLOKI token this year, you only need to buy 1.25 ETH/9 BNB worth of FLOKI tokens to qualify.

It is worth mentioning that those lucky enough to earn the Ruby Heart Gemstone NFT will “automatically get the Aurum Gemstone of Truth and Diamond Mind Gemstone NFT as well.”


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Featured Image by “byrev” via Pixabay