Popular pseudonymous analyst and trader “Crypto Capo” (“@CryptoCapo_” on Twitter) says that in this bull cycle $ADA and $DOT, which are the native tokens of Cardano and Polkadot respectively, are headed to at least $10 and $250 respectively.

On Wednesday (November 3), Crypto Capo told his over Twitter 191,000 followers that he is still bullish on Cardano and still confident that $ADA is going to over $10 in this bull cycle, but he is even more bullish on $DOT.

He does not expect $ADA to fall below $1.90 (the last time $ADA was trading that low was on August 12).

As for those people who think that a $10 price prediction for $ADA is overly optimistic, Crypto Capo said on September 25 that even at $10, Cardano’s market cap would be smaller than that of Ethereum.

The popular crypto analyst is also bullish on $COTI, the native token of Cardano Foundation-backed enterprise-grade FinTech platform COTI.

On April 26, the Cardano Foundation announced that it was “delighted to welcome COTI as a payment gateway provider for the Cardano ecosystem” and that COTI would “provide a simple and easy to integrate payment gateway, called ADA Pay, for organizations, merchants, and charities looking to directly accept and manage ada payments and donations.”

The Cardano Foundation’s press release went on to say that “the first ADA Pay integration for the Cardano ecosystem will facilitate ada payments from ada holders to international non-profit organization (NPO) Save the Children” (which will “utilize the ada they raise through the Cardano community using COTI’s payment gateway for their mission in Rwanda”).

As for Polkadot — which he believes will outperform Solana ($SOL), Binance Coin ($BNB), Cardano ($ADA), Ethereum ($ETH), and Bitcoin ($BTC) in this cycle — he said on October 28 that he is “very bullish” on $DOT and gave $250+ as his medium-term price target for $DOT.

According to data by TradingView, currently (as of 17:15 UTC on November 5), on crypto exchange Kraken, $ADA is trading around $1.9842. As for $DOT, it trading around $51.2990.


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