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The popular CryptoAltum MT5 broker offers traders a maximum leverage of 1:500, which is the highest cryptocurrency leverage found in the market.

High leverage has two main advantages:

1.       Control Margin

Leverage allows traders to deposit a relatively low sum and still control substantial position sizes. For example, a trader looking to buy or sell 1 Bitcoin would only require 0.002 BTC if they had 1:500 leverage. This allows traders to risk small amounts of their own funds while still having the potential for large profits.

2.       Maximize Profits

Traders can use leverage to open trade sizes much larger than their deposit size, and the larger the trade, the greater the end profit is. For example, a trade of 1 BTC will generate profits on a 1:1 scale whereby if the market moves from say $43,000 to $45,000 the trader has made a profit of $500. The same market movement on a trade of 5 BTC however, would result in a profit of $2,500.

While overleveraging an account may result in huge profits, the downside is that it can also result in liquidation. Crypto markets are volatile and sudden price movements can wipe out an account leaving a huge negative balance. CryptoAltum offers guaranteed negative balance protection, which means should this happen the client’s account is returned to zero at company cost, so it is impossible for a client to lose more than their deposit amount.

CryptoAltum also offers a 100% deposit bonus, which can be used as additional margin, or to support the account in times of market drawdown and protect open positions from stop out.

CryptoAltum was established in 2019 and has fast become a top choice for high-risk, high reward traders across the globe. It boasts over 60 cryptocurrency pairs and offers forex pairs, commodities, and index trading. Its smart combination of crypto and forex on the famous MT5 platform gives the best of both worlds to any derivatives trader.

Traders looking to get a closer look at the CryptoAltum offering can register for a free demo account or dive straight into live trading. No KYC is required. 

Their support team are available 24/7 via chat or email to [email protected]