Recently, crypto analyst Aaron Arnold, Co-Founder and one of the hosts of the “Altcoin Daily” YouTube channel, named five cryptoassets that he believes could “skyrocket” in October.

In a video released on September 18, Arnold said he was bullish on Chainlink ($LINK) as a “blue-chip” altcoin for traders. He said $LINK appeared to be gearing up for a breakout on trading charts and said he was high on the coin “as long as we’re in a bull cycle.”

The next cryptoasset Arnold talked about was $DOT, saying that it is likely to follow in the footsteps of $SOL in terms of price explosion. 

As reported by The Daily Hodl, Arnold said:

Getting some major Solana vibes from DOT. It’s been rejected a few more times, but I think the trajectory (weekly candle close), relation to the previous all-time high and the fact that it hasn’t really pumped this entire run. I’m hoping it can shine like SOL in the next couple weeks.

Arnold highlighted Elrond ($EGLD) as another altcoin for traders to follow, saying the cryptoasset had recently posted a golden cross on the trading charts. Arnold said the pattern was a bullish signal and had previously led to two all-time price highs for $EGLD. 

The popular analyst was also bullish on Avalanche ($AVAX), saying the project was gaining momentum from users joining the smart contract platform. He compared $AVAX to SOL, saying the coin had the potential to follow a similar price trajectory.

Arnold rounded out his top five altcoins with Mina Protocol ($MINA), a privacy-focused coin with backing from crypto venture capitals. He highlighted the coin’s unique staking mechanics, which incentivizes users to hold the coin, thereby driving price higher.


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Image by “WikiImages” via Pixabay