Recently, crypto analyst and influencer Tyler Swope named what he believes are the three altcoins with the “biggest potential”.

In a YouTube video (titled: “TOP (3) ALTCOINs w/ the BIGGEST Potential in May!!”) released on May 3, the host of the “Chico Crypto” YouTube channel, talked about the following three projects, which are all built on Ethereum: Truebit Protocol ($TRU), Habitat ($HBT), and BProtocol ($BPRO).

Truebit ($TRU)

Truebit is “a blockchain enhancement which enables smart contracts to securely perform complex computations in standard programming languages at reduced gas costs.”

Swope says that Vitalik Buterin wrote a blog post about Truebit on May 1.

He went on to say:

Truebit is something that helps Plasma work, and it is looking to be be a critical piece of rollups too, especially the optimistic flavor.

Habitat ($HBT)

The Habitat rollup “is based on the optimistic rollup of nutberry.” In early April, the Habitat team compared their optimistic rollup technology with those from Optimism and Arbitrum:

Here is what they said about $HBT:

Habitat launched their own token $HBT to involve and bootstrap a broader community and slowly start the initial development of the infrastructure. The token shall be used to govern the parameters of the rollup and decide about additional feature-sets for the application-specific optimistic rollup. The plan is to add value by solving coordination issues in the Ethereum Community, which is involved from the very beginning.

B.Protocol ($BPRO)

B.Protocol “makes lending platforms more secure by eliminating the gas wars and shifting the miners’ profit to the users.”

According to the team, here is a high-level description of how B.Protocol works:

  • The user interacts with existing lending platforms via B.Protocol smart contract.
  • Liquidity providers (LP) provide a cushion to user debt, which gives B.Protocol precedence over other liquidators.
  • LPs share their profits with the users, where user reward is proportional to his user rating.


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